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To order a NTPA rulebook, order online, call the NTPA office at 614-436-1761 or mail $6 plus $2 shipping and handling to WPI/NTPA, 6155-B Huntley Rd. Columbus, OH 43229.


Items/rule changes that go in effect for the 2020 season

General rules:

  1. 2019 rulebook pg 18, letter C, number 12 b, now reads:
    All automotive-type engines with bellhousings and clutch will run a full block plate, either a unit commercially available, or minimum 3/16-inch steel, or minimum 1/4-inch aluminum with (6) 3/8-inch Grade #5 bolts evenly spaced on the bottom of the bellhousing. Bellhousing must be fastened with a minimum 3/8" grade #5 bolt installed in each bellhousing mounting hole as manufactured. All bellhousing mounting bolts must pass through block plate or at least fasten block plate to bellhousing.”
  2. 2019 rulebook pg 24, letter G now reads:
    Automotive engine is any engine or its replica available in a passenger car. Maximum of (8) cylinders. Maximum supercharger size: 14-71, 19-inch rotor case length, 11.25-inch rotor case width. Helix restricted to a maximum rotor spiral of 6.5 degrees per inch of rotor length. Variable multi-speed supercharger devices prohibited.”
  3. Add to 2019 rulebook pg 41, letter R:
    Pro Charger allowed in all divisions with a limit of 140 mm inlet, at 45% overdrive maximum.
  4. Add to 2019 rulebook pg 25, letter G, number 5 and pg 41, letter R:
    “Screw-type superchargers are only allowed in the Unlimited (light and heavy) class. Overdrive limited to 125%.”

Mini Rods:

  1. 2019 rulebook pg 60, letter A, number 1 now reads:
    Automotive engine or its replica available in a passenger car limited to a maximum of 575 cubic inches blown with a maximum 4.900-inch centerline bore spacing or 650 cu. in. naturally aspirated or one gas turbine with an 1,800-hp limit for all National levels of pulling.
  2. Add to 2019 rulebook pg 63 new letter J to read:
    At Super National events in Mini Rod division, no vehicles equipped with small block (blown or otherwise) or naturally aspirated engines (regardless of size) or with rear tires smaller than 18.4 x 16.1 are allowed to enter and run.”

TWD Trucks

  1. Add to 2019 rulebook pg 76, letter F, number 3, new letter b:
    Prior to competition, a TWD must be equipped with an NTPA-approved assembly that will accept a wire tie-type adjustment lock seal. This seal will be applied and secured at the time of drawbar measurement and inspection. The system must be designed so that the seal prevents the drawbar from further adjustment in any direction. (details and drawing will be in 2020 rulebook)

Contest Operations:

  1. 2019 rulebook pg 88, letter E number 7 now reads:
    If a session is cancelled more than 24 hours prior to start time at GN/SN or 3 hours at RN/state level, no points will be given for that session.”


2019 Rule pg 87 letter D, number 1 & 2 now reads:

  1. At all NTPA-sanctioned events, (all levels) the maximum measurable distance will be 350 feet. Length/distance may be less as determined by that event’s insurance application and as verified by NTPA.
  2. The boundary lines at all levels will extend to 350 feet.”

Tech Questions and Answers

Exhaust tube for alcohol LSS


I saw on Facebook about the alcohol LSS exhaust tube system for Cloverdale. I'd like to pull there but, 
is it safe to try?I was excited to see them having the LSS back this year. but I’m nervous about running alcohol fumes through a
smoke tube.
Can it ignite? At end of the run, sometimes we have flame come from the pipes. Can that ignite on the inside of tube?


WPI / NTPA Tech department’s first concern is always safety of the vehicles and competitors. The fact that the pipe exits well above the driver and four feet from the actual “smoke tube” on the sled should mean it won’t fill the tube with just alcohol exhaust fumes. The extension is aimed at the smoke tube in effort to draw fresh air and some (not all) of the fumes out of the building. The smoke machine draws a tremendous amount of air and can hopefully clear the room of maybe 50% of what exits the exhaust pipe.  I understand that the alcohol tractors do “over fuel” at idle and possibly “flame” at the end of the run but, not during the run due to the exhaust pressure. The fact that the pipe exits well above the tractor and the cage is required to have a “heat shield” on top of it this should provide the protection needed. Please understand this is a test program and is a effort to save the Light SS class at indoor (low ceiling) events. If nobody wants to try this or it doesn’t work then the class just won’t be offered at these type facilities.

TWD drawbars at Louisville


Mr. Richwine,
Do you know if the NFMS is going to require the new TWD hitch seal thing? I don't want to show up and not be allowed to hook?


Good question, ya know I'm only the "fuel cop" at the NFMS, but, after I recieved your question I called Mr. Whitt and he said that they will require the "seal system" for TWD's. He said well, don't they have to have it anyway? and he's right. PPL already has it and NTPA requires it for 2020. So, with that said, YES, you have to have the "seal system" holes cross drilled in the TWD division for the NFMS this coming year. BTW, there's welder there in the pits.

becoming a official

Mr. Richwine,
What's take to be a official? I'd like to help with events in my area


All the officials start out at the state level then work their way up through the ranks. While all our tech schools are open to everyone, unless you have the endorsement of a state affiliate of NTPA you won't be issued a tech license. even after that you have to apprentice for a couple seasons before you're  "called up" to officially work events.

Rollcages at Georgetown

I see on Facebook that yer in Georgetown, OH all week. I know it's a non NTPA event but, can you inspect my cage there?

Yes, I'm down here working for the fair. I can / will be able to inspect rollcages each day between 3-4pm each day. just find me and I'll take care of ya.

One engine in a two engine class


Mr. Richwine,

I have a question about the rule that says I have to have at least 2 engines onboard and running to run in the regional
7500 mod class. What if I blow one up? Can I not run next week? It says a 2 engine tractor can run one in the event of breakage.
Does that mean I can finish the season with only one? What if I show up at my first event with one that runs and a second one that
is just a dummy and doesn’t run? What if I claim breakage?


No, that would be trying to deceive the tech and entry system.

 One or all the following rules would apply to the vehicle not being legal:

  1. Page 15 Eligibility rules, letter A, #4 reads
    4. Anyone who is in violation of NTPA rules who seeks to enter
    and/or does enter NTPA sanctioned events through court
    action or appeal in the association, any prize monies won will
    be held in escrow until a final judgment is rendered.
  2. Page 45 Modified Regional 7500 rules, third note reads:

            Note: Regional and National level limits require, if automotive engines are used, at least          
two (2) engines be onboard and running to compete in the 7500 lb. class.
 A two engine tractor will be allowed to compete with one engine in the event of breakage.

                 This note was intended for a legitimate entry that blows up one engine and then would be allowed
                  to run the next session on day after the engine blew since they didn’t have a spare or repair available at the event.
                 Like a two or day event like Arcola, IN 

  1. Page 81 under Entry Procedure #4 reads:
    4. Vehicle must be present on the ground in running order and
    ready to compete before being allowed to enter.

  2. Page 90 under “fines” # 2 reads:

    2. If a competitor doesn’t complete the NTPA tech procedure
    and tries to compete, said competitor can be fined $500.

Mr Entitled


Mr. Richwine,

I am a paid competing member of NTPA and my state affiliate of NTPA. I have a question, when I attend an event here in my home state or anywhere should I have to buy a ticket to watch? Shouldn’t my membership entitle me to attend a pull whether I have my pulling vehicle with me or not? I attended a event and they said if I didn’t have my pulling vehicle with me I had to buy a armband or ticket. That’s BS if you ask me….


Dear Entitled,

Sorry, but, NO your membership is NOT a season pass to watch. Page 81 number 4 at the bottom of the page under letter B Entry Procedures states:

4. Vehicle must be present on the ground in running order and
ready to compete before being allowed to enter.

With that said, you would not be allowed to enter without your vehicle and would not be entitled to an armband just to watch. The promoters need to make money from ticket sales to spectators if they are to afford a event next year.

I’m not sure why you feel a membership is a season pass, but, you are wrong. The member state and/or the NTPA only sells membership to competitors not spectators.

Drawbar rule


Mr. Larry,
I was told that I couldn’t use the drawbar to push my tractor around in the pits or on and off the track with a push bar. That ain’t true is it? I was also told that if I did that again I would be disqualified. Please clarify this for me. Seems like they have their own version of the rules down here.



No, that’s not true, the drawbar rule is listed on page 22, number 16 of the 2019 rulebook, it says:

16. NTPA does not allow the drawbar to be used when tying the
competition vehicle to the tow vehicle. This is grounds for

The rule is intended to prevent the drawbar from becoming fatigued from bouncing down the road while chained to the trailer.

Rain out rules


Mr. Richwine,

Please explain how a “Rain Out” works. When can the promoter call it off where I don’t have to show up to get rain points etc. I’ve heard a bunch of different versions of what should or has happened.


Page 88 of the 2019 NTPA rulebook under letter E Inclement Weather states:

#7. If a session is cancelled more than 24 hours prior to start time
at GN/SN or 8 hours at RN/PN/state level, no points will be given
for that session.
#8. If a session is cancelled prior to start time, competitors will
receive refund of paid entry fees, but no other compensation.

With that said, if the event isn’t canceled within the time period described in #7 then you do have to travel to the event with your pulling vehicle and check in so the entry personnel can record your entry in order to receive rain points. The entry trailer must remain open until scheduled start time of the event in order for you to “check in”.

As to “Why do I have to take my pulling vehicle with me?” page 81 under Event Procedures and Requirements #4 reads:

#4. Vehicle must be present on the ground in running order and
ready to compete before being allowed to enter.

Cages at Pinetops


Will there be anyone at Pinetops to inspect rollcages since it's not a Regional event?


No there won't,  if you have a cage with a NTPA/SFI sticker on it you will be allowed to run even if it's expired. But, if you don't have a sticker at all, then you will not be allowed to compete.
There will however be two cage inspectors at Benson, NC

EFI question


Do you allow EFI on blown engines in the TWD class?
Also EFI for spray bars in the hat?


No, EFI is not allowed in any methanol classes of NTPA.

Rollcage at Ft Recovery

Mr. Richwine
Will there be somebody at Ft Recovery to inspect cages? Mine has expired.


Yes there will be but, it needs to be done before 5 pm.


Are you really gona check turbos at the Shipshawwna event?
I thought those rules were for the summer season.

Yes, we started with the 2019 season at Cloverdale and will be checking turbos in all classes that have turbo limits and everything else
at Shipshewana as well as the rest of the season

Light Pro/Limited Pro Stock Turbo



When the rule says exhaust limit 4.5 inch and the wheel must proturde .125 inch into the bore, will the nut count? Its part of the wheel. Or if I have a couple of little fins in front of the regular wheel will they count? 

No, the nut doesnt count. The rule says

  1. Turbo limited to 4.5 inch diameter exhaust to be measured at the face of the wheel.
  2. Exhaust wheel tips of wheel (each blade/fin, nut does not count) must protrude into the 4.5 inch bore by 0.125” minimum.
  3. All exhaust must exit the 4.5 inch bore.
    We are going to measure the turbo just like we have on the Super Farm class's 3 inch bore since the days when we "sealed" the turbo with a lead seal.

If we question how deep it goes into the bore you will be required to disassemble your turbo so we can measure it.

I included a picture of how / where we will measure the wheel

turbo exhaust

Lgt Pro Turbo Rule


Is it true that the Reg III pullers in the Lgt Pro class don’t have to adhere to the limit on turbo exhaust?


No Mark, that rule is for all NTPA Lgt Pro classes. Region III is no different than any other...

Mini Driveline Tether

Here are some photos of an example of a good mini driveline tether.

Notice on rule update

Notice: The joint executive boards of WPI / NTPA has deleted rule letter h. of number 16 on page 48 of the 2019 NTPA rulebook in order to clarify the FWD V-8 engine in the Super Stock tractor division.

Hot Farm tires


Mr. Larry,
Can I run my 24.5 tires in the Hot Farm class? I dont want to buy 20.8's but, my tractor fits the hot farm class all but tires.
If not, WHY not.


No, you can't run the 24.5 tires in the Hot farm class. The reason is that the class needs to and does look different than all the other classes from the grandstand.
You will be surprised how good your tractor hooks up with 20.8 tires on it.

Cell ph sled


Mr. Larry, isn’t there a rule that says a sled operator’s not to use a cell phone or anything that distracts from the operation of the sled during the run?  We’ve got a sled where I live that the operator seems like he’s always busy “texting or videoing” during the run. I think that's pretty dangerous. What bout that?


Yes, on page 103 of the 2018 NTPA rulebook the rules for sled operators are listed.

11. Sled Owner/Operator/Crew conduct:

c. Any unsafe operation of the sled either on or off the track
will be just cause for disciplinary action from the WPI sled
d. The use of cell phone for any reason ( talk, text, photos or
video) during a competition run down the track is strictly
e. Disciplinary action from the WPI sled board may be or
include probation, suspensions or fines. (Action shall be
determined by Appeals Board.)

Expired Roll Cage Sticker

Can I run my tractor with an expired roll cage sticker?
Yes as long as the old sticker is still in place. The Techs know (becuase they have been told in tech school) that you can run until you find one of the roll cage inspectors.

Open SS EFI ???

Mr. Richwine,
I thought NTPA didn't allow electronic fuel injection, but, I see the lessons learned tractor won the Open Super Stock class at Wellington, OH. So, how can that be?

NTPA doesn't allow EFI, you are correct but, the Gettinger family took the EFI off the tractor cause they have been fighting it over a year.
Looked like the "Lessons Learned" tractor prefers NOT to be EFI. It ran very good on mechanical fuel injection.

Hitch Question


Mr. Richwine,

What’s the deal with the new “V” hitch I’ve heard about for Mini rods? Are they legal? Are they gona be allowed in all classes? Asking for a friend.


No, they aren’t legal the rulebook states in general rules as well as some class rules that nothing can obstruct the chain or the hooking or unhooking of it. The “V” cut design not only would cause difficulty in hooking (if not straight with the sled) but would also make unhooking harder than it already is. Also, when the hook tries to go from side to side when the vehicle gets sideways it will affect the angle of the hook and change the draft of the chain.

The cross sectional thickness of the point of hook is also spelled out in the rulebook for all classes. This too can affect the hook and the draft of the chain.
Drawbar Design

Mini rod engine / bore spacing

Is there a bore spacing limit for a V8 in the mini rod division like the Mod FWD class? I've heard of some "big engines" coming down the road.

That rule was written like the Modified and TWD rules when it talks about "automotive" engine. The word "automotive" seems to have been dropped from the current wording but, the 575 blown/ 650NA cubic in engine was automotive when this was written and I'll make sure it is clarified for the next printing of the book.
When you look in "General rules" page 24 of the 2018 NTPA book it states:
 3. Automotive engine is any engine or its replica available in a passenger car. Maximum of (8) cylinders.
A replica to be considered legal must accept and swing a stock crankshaft.
Maximum supercharger size: 14-71, 19-inch rotor case length, 11.25-inch rotor case width. Helix restricted to a maximum rotor spiral of 6.5 degrees per inch of rotor length. Variable multi-speed supercharger devices prohibited.
With that being said, the engine in a MiniRod tractor couldn't have a bore spacing larger than anything mass produced for the OEM automotive market because of the stock crankshaft rule.

3.0 Diesel truck rules



I have a couple questions about the 3.0 Limited Pro Stock Diesel Truck class

Are you running 7800 or 8000 lbs for 2018?

Do we have to have a full bed floor or can we cut it out and have a tonneau or like covering?


When the rulebook was printed we were told the “other” group was changing the 3.0 class to 7800, but, they didn’t wind up changing the weight.
So, NTPA will run the 3.0 Diesel class at 8000 lbs for 2018.

As for the truck bed floor, yes, you can cut the floor out as long as you have a bed cover.

Super Farm Turbo


Richwine what’s this BS about all these so called “illegal turbos” in the super farm class at Louisville? Hell, I heard you weren’t even there but was called and you said they were Illegal over the phone. Please explain how you knew from Indianapolis that stuff in KY was wrong.


Turbo big MWEFirst, you’re right I wasn’t there but, was called and consulted about a turbo that doesn’t fit the .200 MWE groove rule of Super Farm.

The rule reads on page 57 of the 2018 NTPA rulebook:

5. Turbo
a. Exhaust bolt pattern no larger than 2.750 inches x 3.5 inches, or 69 mm. x 88 mm.
b. No altering of a housing to accommodate a smaller base; e.g., T-18A95 with a small base welded to it.
1. Map width enhancement is allowed. Maximum map width limit of .200”. MWE groove must be inside neck area where intake covered is measured at 3 inches.
2. Compressor wheel must protrude into the three inch opening at least 1/8 inch.
3. Intake housing to be no larger than three inches at the face of the wheel.

This turbo was clearly larger than the .200 MWE groove. We use a “go / no go” gauge to measure this, It’s similar to a .202 ball bearing and it falls right thru the opening and into the wheel. Therefore it’s illegal.

Here’s a drawing that shows where the MWE groove is measured:
SF Turbo

Component Limited or Light Pro Stock


I heard a rumor NTPA was going make Limited and Light Pro Stock go to a Component Chassis. 


No. At this time NTPA does not feel the need to make that change. Only tractor classes that allow a component chassis is Super Stock, Pro Stock (Heavy) and Modified. It was even an agenda item by some in the Light Pro Stock class it didn't get much support during the September meeting, and was voted no. A change as such would only happen in September after a rules meeting.

Second hitch


Do I need a second hitch to pull at Cloverdale?


No, NTPA doesn't use a second hitch at anytime, even indoors.

Tech School


Mr. Richwine,
Can anyone attend the tech school or do you have to be one of the "Click" to attend??


The school is open for anyone to set in on but, in order to take the test and become a NTPA licensed official you must be endorsed by either a NTPA member state or by the NTPA itself.

Silly little rules


What’s this Bull Sh_t (silly little rule) that Larry Koester didn’t get a repull when his kill switch was pulled?Was he not on the list of “favored pullers” I would think his sponsor and he would be on your list of “elite”
Asking for a friend.


First, there are no “favored pullers” with me or the officials that worked the event at Bowling Green.

Second, the rule says that if the killswitch tie is not broken they don’t get a repull. As a matter of fact this happened 3 times at BG this weekend (two on North track and one on the south) all in different classes and three different sleds. And the official’s call was the same.

2017 NTPA rulebook general rules pg 36 reads:

8. Kill switch ring must be secured with a single nylon tie wrap (1/8-inch). The tie wrap must be broken for a repull. Competitor will be responsible for replacing the kill switch mechanism and securing the tie wrap once kill switch is checked by tech official.

9. If vehicle has a kill switch or shutoff located in legal position, and during the pull it is pulled and the nylon strap is broken and the presiding official inspects and finds switch capable of operating properly under normal conditions, the vehicle will be allowed to re-pull immediately or drop six positions. The decision to drop must be made before the vehicle leaves the track. It is the competitor’s responsibility to see that the switch

BTW, this rule has been in place since NTPA required a killswitch in the early days.

While I agree it sucked for these competitors that it happened to, if the tie is fastened "tight" the tie has to break in order to pull the killswitch. The ties we use are not a "Lowes or hardware store" wire tie. They are a "18lb" test wire tie that NTPA uses. They are/have been bought at the same place (10,000 per year) for over 25 years.

New SF turbo 3"charger


Mr. Richwine,

I hear that Hart has a new 3" charger that measures a fuzz over 3 inches.It was allowed to run last weekend in NC at a non NTPA event. Will that be allowed to run at a UPOC event? If so what's the limit?


I heard about the new turbo and have had a couple of calls already. I can assure you that NTPA won't allow that and if they are found to be on a tractor at a NTPA event, they won't be allowed to run or if they are found to have run after the fact the tractor will be DQ'd.As luck would have it, I will be at Pinetops and Benson and will make sure the SF chargers are checked.

Mounting OEM Rollcage


Hey Richwine,
I’m new to NTPA and I can’t find the rollcage mounting spec anywhere in the rulebook. I have a D-21 and need to mount an AccuFeed cage to it. Where is it and what do I need to do?


The Rollcage spec is a SFI 47.1, that’s all that’s listed in the book. The mounting to a OEM chassis is as follows:

Mounting must use at least 3 axle housing bolts on each side as well as 1 bolt before and after the axle housing. There bolts must be in sheer (horizontal ) with a total of 2 9/16” bolt material. 
mounting cage



What does WFO stand for?

There are many schools of thought on that. The Bauer Team are the ones to really ask.

Here are some of the meanings that I've heard:

1. Whole Family Operation
2. World Family Out reach
3. Wide Friggin Open

Rollcage Webbing

Mr. Richwine,

I am building a Mini Rod and have a question about the webbing between the upright tubes? Can they be lightened? If so, how much? I have included a photo of the chassis that is available and they look like they have been lightened a lot.

Yes the shear webbing that goes between the up tubes can be lightened by 40%.
The Spec says: shear web may have lightening holes but must retain 60% material and must have a minimum of 1 inch around the perimeter of the web on all four sides. This applies to both Mini Rods and Big Tractor rollcages.
After looking at the photo you are correct this will not pass the SFI / NTPA inspection and will have to be corrected before they are allowed to compete with NTPA.

New tires

Richwine, How big can of a tire can I use in the Super farm class? These new tires that are out are pretty big.
What if I buy a pair and they measure 212-214 inches?
The guy selling them that they are ok but, I don’t wanta get throw out if I show up with them.

The rule reads:
24.5 x 32 with a maximum of 210-inch circumference, when inflated to 10 psi. Tread width not to exceed 25 inches.

I realize that after hardening, over inflation and use they will stretch some but, if we measure your tires when they are relatively new and they’re to big, you would be allowed to run that day but told not to come back till you have tires that fit the rule…….

Bottom line is make sure you get tires that are legal.

Rollcages in New York


Mr. Richwine,
I'm not a mamber of NTPA but, would like to run at the upcoming event in New York. I need to get my cage inspected, is there a charge for that?

Here's the program that's been in place since 1999 when the cage was implemented.
All vehicles that compete at a NTPA event must have the rollcage inspected and display a NTPA/SFI certification sticker or the vehicle will not be allowed to hook.

1. Upon passing inspection and paying the fee of $75.00 per cage to NTPA on vehicles that have a paid NTPA membership. The rollcage will have a certification sticker applied to it that denotes the inspection date, it will be valid for a period of five (5) years before being required to have their rollcage reinspected. Unless an accident occurs that involves the rollcage.
2. A service fee of $100.00 will be added to a cage that is on a non NTPA member vehicle. This $100.00 fee will be applied to a regular membership (not per hook) if the vehicle joins NTPA within a 60 day period from the date of inspection.

Rules meeting at the Enderle

Mr. Richwine,
I can't find what time the open meetings are for the rules. When and where are they? can anybody come?

The "open" meetings are Friday the 13th at the fairgrounds in Urbana, OH.  5 - 8pm in the 4 H building.

Contact Info

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Columbus, OH 43229

PHONE: (614) 436-1761

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