Updated Competitor List for Inaugural NTPA Shipshewana Spring Nationals

2019 Shipshewana Spring Nationals PosterThe NTPA Shipshewana Spring Nationals and Michiana Farm Show will take over the Michiana Event Center in Shipshewana, Indiana on Friday and Saturday, March 22-23. Five divisions will appear in both 6 p.m. sessions. For more info, check out the event page ntpapull.com/events/shipin or visit the facility’s website, MichianaEvents.com.

For discount pre-event tickets, go to ShopNTPA.com/tickets.

The following competitors have accepted invitations. (Check NTPAPULL.com for additions and updates. The number of anticipated vehicles appears in parentheses.) Update: March 15.

Light Unlimited (Exhibition; 2)

Brad Benedict (Non-Cents) and Kevin Criswell (new vehicle for 2019).

Light Super Stock (10)

Bryan Bowles (Alter Ego), George Everett (Smokeless Alternative), Jason Irvin (Drunkin' Punkin'), Kyle Karlen (Bad Blood), Brandon Phillips (Insanity), Larry Phillips (Extremely Insane), Adam Spiegelberg (Detonator Black), Jordan Spiegelberg (Detonator Red), Marcus Wettleson (Gunpowder & Lead), Ken Witt (Mr. Yuk).

Super Farm (12)

Charlie Capozzo (Cruel Intentions), Rod Deck (Dream On), the Ferrises (Absolutely Nuts and Assorted Nuts), Russ Freeze (Deere Traxx), Shane Masten (Thumpin’ Pumpkin), Mike Prible (Top Priority), Tony Sietsema (Wolverine Deere), Jon Silsby (Crop Doctor), Stan Warda (Hammerin Hank), Chris Weidinger (Black Power), and Dave Whelan (My Last Excuse).

Limited Pro Stock (10)

Jeff Bahl (Doctor Deere), Garrett Boldry (Smoke Fever), Bryan Deck (One Bad Apple), Bill Figanbaum (Instigator), Jon Liechty (Rush Hour), Kevin Lindstrom (Hyper Harvester), Matt Lindstrom and Mike Sather (Adrenaline Rush), Drew Parkinson (The Commandeere), Jeremy Ploetz (Big One), and Jason Rosenquist (Gold Rush).

StainlessDiesel.com Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 3.0 (12)

Dustin Beheler (Diggin’ Deep), Anthony Finkbeiner (Inbred Inline), Jeff Hossler (Flirtin’ with Disaster), John Humpe IV (Causin' Trouble), Jordan Jackson (Billet Steel & Sex Appeal), Garrett Loucks (Un-Locked), Brian Shew (Iron Maiden), Nickolas Stamm (Frank), Jeremy Straley (Razor’s Edge), Roger Straley (Thunder Struck), Eric Widman (Big Red), and Rob Wright (All Attitude).

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