Enderle Qualifying 2017

Nine RN, 13 GN divisions set to participate in 31st Pull-Off

RoadToEnderle webOnce again featuring over 100 of the best competitors in the nation, the NTPA’s 2017 all-star invitational at Urbana, Ohio’s Champaign County Fairgrounds will be a late afternoon/evening affair.

Thirty-seven qualifiers will participate in Regional National Session One starting at 5 p.m. Most will have reached the western Ohio event by virtue of winning a regional title, but there are exceptions.

In Heavy Super Stock, one open-fuel and one diesel-only berth will be awarded to combined top point-getters across Regions III and V. And this year, each of those regions will see two-hook paths to Modified Mini slots, as will Modifieds in Region III.

Light Pro Stocks and Two Wheel Drives will each have two Region II champions and Pull-Off reservations determined by events either at and east of Interstate 75 (II-E champion/Berth A) or west of I-75 (II-W champion/Berth B). The region’s Modified hooks are split between Northwestern and Southeastern berths with territories separated by a 45-degree line passing through Upper Sandusky, Ohio (a.k.a., the “origin”). The border between the Minis’ Northern (Berth A) and Southern (Berth B) districts is U.S. Route 30, the first of which will include points from Allegan 2016 (but not Allegan 2017).

The Allegan wraparound also impacts the two Region II Super Farm berths, for which first- and second-place finishers will qualify. And the races for Region IV’s berths began last fall in Raleigh for Heavy Supers, Light Pros, Super Farms, Minis, and Mods; they’ll end in either Pinetops or Elizabeth City.

A complete roster of the three dozen RN qualifying paths appearing below. The list may be revised to reflect changes in the national event schedule. An up-to-date list will be maintained at www.NTPAPULL.com.

After a brief intermission and at approximately 7 p.m., 65 Grand National competitors from 13 classes—Super Stock Diesel 4x4s having joined those ranks for 2017—will take to the track for one final time in Session Two. Each division’s top five will vie for their share of over $76,000.

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