Two Region II divisions to crown two champions apiece

Thanks to a rule change adopted jointly by the WPI/NTPA Executive Boards, two of the NTPA’s most prolific divisions will have more titles to chase in 2017.

Any division with 24 or more scheduled hooks as of March 1 within a single NTPA competition region will now compete for two championships. Events that count toward each subregional title will be geographically determined by the NTPA office.

Consequently, Region II Light Pro Stocks (33 total hooks) and Two Wheel Drives (26) will compete in Eastern and Western Subregions for separate crowns, end-of-season point fund payouts, and berths in the 31st Enderle Memorial Pull-Off. Interstate 75 will serve as the border between the subregions, resulting in balanced schedules for both the Light Pros (16 E/17 W hooks) and Two Wheel Drives (12 E/14 W).

A list of hooks that will count toward each subregional championship is included on the 31st annual Enderle Memorial Pull-Off qualifying page.

As is standard practice with Enderle qualifying, were the same vehicle to win both subregional titles, the runner-up in combined Region II points would be an at-large invitee.

Modified Minis and Modifieds (19 Region II hooks each) will compete for geographically determined berths in the Pull-Off in 2017, but each will still crown a single Region II champion.

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