WPI Announces 2020 Promoter COVID-19 Relief Plan

Worthington, Ohio---World Pulling International, the managing company of the National Tractor Pullers Association, has offered to promoters of NTPA nationally sanctioned events an opportunity to reduce 2020 event costs.

The move is in response to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent stay-home and business closure orders that have shaken the columns of society and industry.

"I'm in frequent contact with our event partners," said Gregg Randall, the Association's General Manager. "Of course, they're experiencing the uncertainty everyone else is feeling about whether and how soon large gatherings will be permitted in different parts of the country this year. But many are also acutely worried about sponsorship dollars becoming increasingly scarce as the budgets of local and regional businesses tighten.

"We believe we needed to act to throw a lifeline to events willing to give this season a go."

The plan is to reduce purse fees by 20 percent for Grand and Regional National events and to cut Super National purse fees to GN levels. Uniformly affected by the 20-percent reduction would be payouts to placing competitors in every division as well as the entry fees collected by the Association from those competitors. All purse money left unpaid due to non-filled classes or rainouts will be returned to promoters per NTPA's longstanding policy.

The NTPA's COVID-19 response plan does not apply to GN events' Divisional Fund contributions or to fees related to other contracted items in conjunction with the event. Noteworthy is the fact that point funds will of necessity be adjusted downward if and as events are cancelled, so preserving as many events as possible is the best way to sustain year-end rewards for the top-performing GN competitors.

"After consideration of many options, this seemed like the fairest way for all stakeholders to share the unforeseen burden that this national crisis has placed on us," Randall continued. "Promoters are certainly welcome to pay the originally published purse if they can secure the funds to support it. But if making this concession is the difference between an event happening and it not happening, we believe our membership would much rather have it happen."

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