Norwalk Lions Club
Truck and Tractor Pull
One Session: August 14, 2010, 6:30 pm
Region III
6,200-lb. Modified Two-Wheel-Drive Trucks
1. Dustin Amundson Jack Pot 337.01
Nerstrand, MN Ford
2. Dan Walsh Irish Thunder 323.21
Lyndon Station, WI Ford
3. Dean Stumme Plaything 316.25
New Hampton, IA Chevrolet
4. Dan Walsh Irish Challenger 313.45
Lyndon Station, WI Ford
5. A.J. Riedl Shafted 310.33
Dubuque, IA Chevrolet
6. Corey Kielmeyer Beer Wagon 310.32
Faribault, MN Ford
7. Kim Moore Pack Rat VII 310.02
North Mankato, MN Ford
8. Bob Hoffman 49'R 303.63
Rothschild, WI Studebaker
9. Terry Timmerman Hot-n-Nasty 301.72
Dickeyville, WI Ford
10. Lynn Stumme Heartbeat Again 301.51
Waverly, IA Chevrolet
11. Chad Christensen Pack Rat V 298.47
Glencoe, MN Ford
12. Wayne Timmerman Showtime 298.31
Cuba City, WI Chevrolet
13. Lance Fleming Hi! Maintenance 298.17
Lamotte, IA Chevrolet
14. Chris Martin Spare Change 290.04
Cannon Falls, MN Ford
14. Mike Finucan Dollars and No Sense 290.04
Camp Douglas, WI Dodge
16. Doug Christensen Pack Rat VI 286.72
Glencoe, MN Ford
17. Rick Austin Dirt Flirt 273.83
Brodhead, WI Dodge

The class was conducted using a floating finish line.

Norwalk Lions Club
Truck and Tractor Pull
One Session