C Bar C NTPA Winter Nationals
C Bar C Expo Center
Cloverdale, IN
Session 01:
January 22, 2016, 7:00 pm
2,050-lb. Open Modified Mini Tractors
1. Bret Berg Brandt Professional Ag 323.045
2. Adam Bauer Iron Toy 316.705
3. Adam Koester Beast of Burden 305.535
Complete MINI:IG Results
8,000-lb. Diesel Super Stock Tractors
1. Steve Burge Lock-N-Load FP/327.670
2. Esdon Lehn Red Line Fever FP/312.915
3. Travis Schlabach Bone Twister 318.280
Complete SSD:IG Results
7,500-lb. Super Stock Diesel Four-Wheel-Drive Trucks
1. Kent Crowder Scheid Diesel 289.745
2. Carl Atley Lethal Weapon 278.145
3. Don Bowling Pulling for the Cure 265.305
Complete D-FWD:IR Results
Session Summary
Number of Classes: 3
Number of Entries: 32 Number of Hooks: 34
First Green/Last Red:
7:08 pm / 9:50 pm
Duration (All Tracks):
146 minutes
C Bar C NTPA Winter Nationals
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