Power Pull Nationals
Session 01: June 17, 2016, 7:00 pm
Grand National
10,000-lb. Pro Stock Tractors
0. Danny Schmucker Rampage 000.000/RO
Louisville, OH John Deere 7920
0. LaDon Peterson Simply Awesome 000.000/RO
Williston, ND Case International 305
0. Randy Campbell Soup Line Express 000.000/RO
Homeworth, OH John Deere 4250
0. Carlton Cope Warpath 000.000/RO
Alliance, OH Massey Ferguson 2805
0. Josh Shipley Mr. MAC Daddy 000.000/RO
Kensington, OH John Deere 8410
0. Tim Cain Red Gambler 000.000/RO
New Palestine, IN International 1066
0. Jay Haning Buck with No Doe 000.000/RO
Morton, IL John Deere 8360R
0. Robby Lemke New Generation Plus 000.000/RO
Helenville, WI John Deere 4010
0. Kevin Schmucker Git-Er-Dun Deere 000.000/RO
Louisville, OH John Deere 7830
0. Tim Shipley MAC Nasty 000.000/RO
Kensington, OH John Deere 8410
0. Lance Little True Grit 000.000/RO
Tuscola, IL John Deere 5020
0. Chris Cain Aces Wild 000.000/RO
New Palestine, IN Case International MX305
0. Nick McCormick Nasty Stuff 000.000/RO
Stewardson, IL Case International 7230
0. Victor Miller Diesel 'N Dirt 000.000/RO
Lewistown, IL International 1466
0. Mark Lawyer Rapped Up! 000.000/RO
Hagerstown, IN John Deere 5020
0. Charles Pelletier CP Dream 2 000.000/RO
St. Armand, QC John Deere 8345R

The class was cancelled due to inclement weather.
All registered, GN-licensed vehicles will receive 15 points.

Power Pull Nationals Session 01
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