Driver: Jerry Thompson

NTPA #1418 / License Level: GN18

Performance Summary: 2018 GN Modified Mini

Current Standings Position: 9th with 3 Hooks to Go
Wins: 0 / Top Fives: 3 / Top Tens: 9

Benson, NC S15th place26 pointsStandings: 26/5th
Benson, NC S24th place27 pointsStandings: 53/5th
Hutchinson, MN S110th place22 pointsStandings: 75/4th
Hutchinson, MN S2no hook15 pointsStandings: 90/8th
Tomah, WI S1no hook15 pointsStandings: 105/8th
Tomah, WI S516th place20 pointsStandings: 125/8th
Rockwell, IA S29th place24 pointsStandings: 149/7th
Rockwell, IA S3no hook15 pointsStandings: 164/7th
Chapel Hill, TN S114th place18 pointsStandings: 182/7th
Chapel Hill, TN S214th place18 pointsStandings: 200/7th
Fort Recovery, OH S15th place26 pointsStandings: 226/7th
Fort Recovery, OH S219th place17 pointsStandings: 243/7th
Langford, NY S18th place24 pointsStandings: 267/8th
Langford, NY S27th place24 pointsStandings: 291/8th
Sandusky, OH9th place22 pointsStandings: 313/9th
Napoleon, OH9th place23 pointsStandings: 336/9th
Bowling Green, OH S3no hook15 pointsStandings: 351/9th
Bowling Green, OH S519th place16 pointsStandings: 367/9th
Greenville, OHno hook0 pointsStandings: 367/9th
Wellington, OHno hook0 pointsStandings: 367/9th
Wauseon, OHno hook0 pointsStandings: 367/9th
14 AppearancesAvg. Finish: 10.6Total Points: 367Standings: 9th