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2016 Membership Application (PDF)

Items that go into effect for the 2017 NTPA season

General Rules

  1. 4 clamps per cable or crimped ends are now required on engines that require cables.
  2. All classes at all levels will be conducted under a floating finish. Tracks will a maximum of 330 feet with no exceptionboundary lines will extend to 330 feet. Vehicles get red flagged if they exceed the 330 feet and must come back for a pulloff
  3. Page 35: Section M #1c (add) or a light attached to the power feed if the kill switch interrupts the ignition power supply. (This may be used for kill switch testing)
  4. The diesel fuel testing system and rules has been reinstated with new specs, The rule will read:
    The NTPA will evaluate diesel fuel using the dielectric constant value. That value shall be determined by the NTPA fuel check meter only. The NTPA fuel check meter shall use Cyclohexane to establish the zero reference point for determining all diesel fuel dielectric constant values. Diesel fuel to be used in NTPA competition shall have a dielectric value of no greater than 8.5, nor a value of no less than 2.2.
  5.  Allow a 1/2" steel spacer for clutch clearance on cast OEM chassis .

Super Stock

  1. A turbo inlet restrictor plate is required for all SS classes. (Size and dimensions to be determined)  

    The Restrictor plate rule for the Super Stock division has been tabled until the September 2017 meetings and will be considered for the 2018 season. This will allow time to do more research as to the size and dimensions needed.

  2. NTPA will now allow aluminum billet engine in all SS classes. The rule now reads on page 5: D. Engines
    1. Steel billet, aluminum billet and steel recast blocks allowed. The specifications for the block will be based on factory OEM specs of the block chosen to be replaced with a allowance for the 5/8 in deck plate and limited to 540 cubic inch. 

Pro Stock tractors

  1. Component chassis, V-8 diesel engines only be allowed if they were offered in a two wheel drive tractor from factory.

Pro Farm

  1. Change Rule 4C to read, intake manifold may be non OEM with a maximum inlet size 3.75 inches measured on the outside diameter one inlet pipe only.

Diesel FWD trucks

  1. The SSD FWD class has been made a Grand National class.
  2. NTPA has added a 2.6 and 3.6 Diesel FWD  (class Rules to be listed soon) 

Tech Questions and Answers

Restrictor plate

Richwine, what the heck is going on? Where did the restrictor plate BS come from? Maybe we should completely remove innovation from tractor pulling. Then we can change it to more of a bracket style event so everyone can keep up and only spend what they want. Post the distance you think you can go and then the competitor closest to their distance without going over wins. Tractor pulling is supposed to be heads up. Not this restrictor plate so everyone gets a trophy crap.

P.s. Anytime you add restrictions all it does is increase the cost of the restricted part. Therefore no cost savings will be achieved.


It knida caught me off guard as well, 


Pre draw

Mr. Richwine,
I see that one of the agenda items is to not pre draw for the pre commitment competitors. I personally like not having to stand in line at the entry window any longer than possible. Here's a idea, just don't draw whoever put that on the agenda and keep doing it for everybody else.

We do the "pre draw" only at the bigger events and we find that it speeds up the entry process quite a bit. If we stop doing this we will have much longer lines.We'll see what the executive boards think come voting time.

Tech and Entry at Bowling Green


Mr. Larry,
When does tech and entry open at BG?


Tech and Entry open at noon on Wednesday August 17 . We will tech the precomit  pullers at their haulers but all others must go thru the tech barn.

Tech at Tomah


What's the earliest I can get teched at Tomah? I want to get it done and not have to worry about it.


Tech and entry both will be open on Wednesday from noon - 6pm then open at 9am on Thrusday

Traction Control

Mr. Richwine,
What are you doing about traction control? I’m sure a couple of teams are using it, but, it doesn’t seem you or any other of your “officials” seem to care. What’s your plan or do you even have one?

I understand your question however, it’s not a matter of if we “care” but, more a matter of it’s not easy to find in the field. The 2016 NTPA rulebook states on page 20:
D. Computers
1. No computers allowed that control any mechanical operation of the competing vehicle.
2. No electronic fuel injectors or metering devices will be allowed. Exception: computer-controlled electronic diesel fuel injection allowed only in the Super Stock tractor and Semi divisions.
3. No automated or computer operated traction control devices.
4. The use of electronic control devises for ignition timing. I.e. (MSD 8973, Power Grid, Six Shooter). Is Not Allowed in any division that uses spark ignition

Since there is no “test” short of tearing apart the ignition box and distributor, the system needs to be sent to the manufacturer for analysis. With that being said, NTPA will not take a competitor’s ignition system unless the competitor has been “protested” by another competitor. The NTPA rulebook covers this starting on page 90:

A. Protest Procedures
1. Any NTPA member competing in a pulling event may protest the legality of another contestant’s vehicle.
2. Protest must be in writing, on forms provided by the NTPA, if available, and delivered to the Entry Official within the following prescribed time limits:
a. Fuel violation: before the vehicle leaves the pulling track (may be oral if followed by written protest within 30 minutes.)
b. All other violations: prior to the pulling session or within 30 minutes after the vehicle leaves the pulling track.
3. The protest must specifically identify in detail the nature of the violation and be accompanied with the protest fee in accordance with the schedule in Paragraph C below.
4. The Senior Track Official shall investigate and decide the protest as promptly as possible and shall inform the parties to the protest of his decision.
5. The Senior Track Official shall make whatever inquiry he determines appropriate and perform or schedule any appropriate inspections to determine the legality of the vehicle.
B. Protest Review
1. If either of the parties do not accept the decision of the Senior Track Official, the written protest shall be forwarded by the official to the Event Manager for a determination.
2. The purse of the involved event will be escrowed as to any competitor who could be affected by the protest until a final determination has been made by the Appeal Board or alternatively by the Event Manager and the time period for filing an appeal has expired.
3. The Event Manager shall conduct whatever enquiry he deems appropriate under the circumstances.
4. The Event Manager shall determine the merits of the protest and if the protest is sustained, impose the prescribed penalty or such lesser penalty as he determines appropriate.
5. The protested competitor and protester shall be notified in writing of the determination. The notice shall include the violation and the penalty imposed.
C. Protest Fee
1. All items of protest shall be... $500, except fuel, water and electronics are $1000.
2. If the protest is sustained, the protest fee, less the cost of any required inspection, will be returned to the protesting member.
3. If the protest is not sustained, the protest fee, less the cost of any required inspection, will be forfeited to the protested member.



Thank you for ALL of your efforts and persistance concerning pulling vehicles safety equipment.After our weekend at Harrisburg with the Sidewinder I have a whole new respect for each and every required component of safety equipment. Each piece did its assigned task amazingly! Thank you!!!
Sidewinder Team
Matt Durbin


I was sent photos of the explosion, I'm glad nobody was hurt. Thanks for the kind words about the safety program of NTPA. The safety rules are the most important part of NTPA membership and events. Even though the event wasn't a NTPA show, like most all events, the NTPA rulebook has been the industry standard since 1969.
Best Regards,
Larry Richwine

Louisville Fuel


Hey Richwine,

Are you doing fuel testing at Louisville this year? Have they changed their rules?


Yes, I will be there and the Louisville rules are the same as last year.

2016 Tech School questions

Mr. Richwine, is it true that there will not be a NTPA Tech School at your shop in January? Also, I heard that we will no longer be allowed to check our answers against the answer sheet after we take the test. Is that true?
Yes to all questions. I'm going to have the "Indiana" school on November 28th at the HSTPA Banquet weekend instead of January when the snow's butt deep to a tall official. Annnnnd yes, SFI will no longer allow me / you to review your answers before I send them to the west coast...

Pro St Diesel truck class

Richwine, Did the NTPA change the rules on the Pro St Diesel trucks for 2016?
No, there were no changes at all to either Diesel Truck classes. The rules are the same as 2015.

Rollcage spec


Uncle Larry,
There's been alot of discussion on the Pull off page about what the Maximum weight is on the rollcage. Can you tell us the facts?


Sure, all specs have a 10% allowance.
i.e. 6000  spec 47.2 ("2 bar") cage has a max weight of 6600
      7000-10000 spec 47.1 ("3 bar" cage) has a max weight of 11000
      2000 spec 47.3 mini rod  cage has a max weight of 2200

2016 rulebook


Hey Richwine, Why go to the trouble of re writing  the rule book when you and your officials only use the rules you want to, when you decide to?


Well Mr. Payne, ask your son, he knows that the officials do our best to tech the tractors as they come to us.  If and when you decide to question our doing "our" job correctly, there is  protest proceidure in place. If you're sure that we're not doing our job, you would probably enjoy that.

Unsportsmanlike conduct

Comment / Question:
I would like to bring to your attention the BS that's been happening at the scales at several events. I have been to several events that the scale has backed up because of the pullers claiming that the scales are off when I think the pullers are trying to get away with extra weight. At Greenville I was in the other scale line when a Super Farm puller threw a "FIT" because he said the scale was off! he called the scale guy everything but a human. I was ashamed of the BS puller and applogized when my turn came up to the scale guy, since the scale guy was running both lines. My question is, Couldn't the puller be DQ'ed for being a A__hole?

Yes, he could be DQ'ed for displaying "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" but, I would have to have a "Official" back there at the scale at all times. The events furnish personel for that position at the scale. The person at the scale contacted me several times at Greenville because of things like you noticed. I "adjusted" the weight number as best I could from the track but, all scales are different when they are bounced down the road on top the sled.
Also, it's getting towards the end of the season and the pullers are tired and their vehicles are tired also. With that said tempers are short and this is not something new..

Tech at BG

What time does Tech and Entry open at Bowling Green?
Thursday, at 10am, regular tech and entry will open.
However, the Pre-committed vehicles will be teched at their haulers on Wednesday, from noon till 5:00pm, however, starting Thursday the Pre-committed will have to be towed thru the tech barn like everybody else.

Bowling Green entry question

Larry, can a light pro or limited pro enter the Pro St class at Bowling Green?
If not Why? It’s still a Pro St isn’t it?
No, the Super Farm, Limited Pro and Light Pro tractors can’t enter the GN Pro St Class at BG.
The reason is due to the large number of vehicles NTPA enforces the rule listed on page 80 of the 2015 NTPA rulebook under Event Procedures letter B, number 10 which reads:
10. No mixing of classes

A note from a fan


Mr. Richwine,
Just want to let ya know that you and the NTPA put on a hell of a show. I have watched RFD for years and finally got to one that you guys were filming at Benson NC. I was impressed that the taping didn't seem to affect the speed and flow of the event at all. I thought that is neat that Mr. Randall had to come get you so you could talk a few seconds on film then take you right back to the starting line. I had a chance to meet Mr. Randall and Mr. Riley. You were very busy every time I got within shouting distance to you. I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I really like the RFD show and keep up the good work.
The Wirts family


Thanks for the kind words, next year at Benson or anywhere you attend that I'm working please come up and say "Hi" After the event starts I do get pretty busy but, I'll be happy to talk to you before or after the show.

Mr. Happy returns


I understand you are focusing on other rules now that the turbo on SF and disesl fuel specs are gone. So, what the hell are you gona pick on now? I know you have to justify your "JOB" but, I know you well enough to expect the next shoe to drop now that you have been told to quit pickin on the Disesl guys..
I was just wonderin what to expect next.


Dear Mr. Happy,
Good to hear from you, where the heck have you been? I fully expected to hear from you after the September meetings.
Anyway, this year we are going to focus on the basic rules from the get go. I plan to "measure" all divisions this year. When I say "measure" I mean all dimensions that each division dictates. i.e. length, width, height, drawbar dimensions, angle of driveline, drawbar, etc. All of these things can be done at home. But, if you or somebody else doesn't pass say, overall length, width or height or whatever that can't be fixed at the event, you will be "written up" and given till the next event to get it corrected.

Regional to Grand card


Rishwine, can I run at the first grand Nationl Super Farm pull with a RN lisence? Also. If I do good can I change and pay the difference to a Grand Nationl License? Would the points be Regional or can they be changed gn points if I pay the difference to a Grand nationl card before the next hook.


You can always run at a GN pull with a RN license, you just get the GN purse money not points. You can pay the difference anytime to upgrade your license to a GN license but, the points ARE NOT retroactive the GN points start on the date you pay the upgrade.
So, NO, if you pay after you ran a hook they would NOT be GN points, they would be Regional points.

Diesel Fuel Test


We have been investigating some different grades of diesel fuel...How
can I check this fuel to make sure it will pass a test. Will they have any
sort of testing equipment available at the pulls or will it all be lab


The best test right now for diesel fuel believe it or not is the Styrofoam cup test.Pour the cup about half full and if it doesn't melt thru the cup in 50-60 seconds it's probably gona test ok in the lab.

Can sticker


My clutch can sticker just needs to be present? We have aluminum 6.3 and I think says 2013 on it. Do I have to send it back? Where do I send it?


The Browell behousings have an expiration date on them. If it's expired, it needs to go back to Browell to be recertified. They are a 2 year program.

Protest question

Question about protest procedure:

I understand that if I protest my fellow competitor for cubic inches then I must put up $500. He then is checked and if found legal he gets my $500, but if illegal I get my $500 back and he is suspended. Is that correct?

For fuel and water, however, a lab test comes with a cost in itself (the reason for raising the protest dollar number). So, my question is if I put up $1,000 to protest my fellow competitor, and he is found illegal - do I get my money back? If so, all of it? Or just part? If he is found legal - does he get my money? If so, all of it? Or just part? If the test costs $999, then I would could have to submit myself to a sample that if found legal I get $1? Or I could protest and have to pay $999 just to see the rule enforced?


Wow, good questions, first you are correct on both points.
The cost of a lab sample is $600-$700 per sample plus shipping to get the results we need to determine if they have Nitromethane or Oxygening agents in the fuel.
BTW, the Styrofoam cup is a good indicator if Nitro is present....

TWD Headers


Uncle Larry,
Can I run traditional funny car headers on my twd or do I have to run the ugly ones ?

I know there's a rule that says the headers have to extend 10 inches above the curve  Does that apply to twd funny car headers?


The 10" rule is a "minimum" but, they are required to discharge "up" within 10 degrees of "plum" rather than aim "back" they need to turn-up at the tip..

Power Mist fuel


Mr. Rickwine,
With the fuel standards now opened up can I run the powrmit fuel additive in my diesel fuel?


Well, the fuel rules still state under Diesel fuel: The use of additives containing oxygen, such as Nitromethane,
propylene oxide, dioaxane, MTBE, alcohol, or nitrous oxide are strictly prohibited.
With that said be aware that the Power Mist stuff may contain some of those things and if caught would be a disqulification.

Cloverdale, IN.


Hey Richwine,

What's the class order at Cloverdale??


I'm pretty sure it will be  Pro ST, TWD, Diesel SS both nights. That's the plan as I know it so far.

Tech Officials in Canada



We have a club up here in Canada. We run NTPA rules for our club.
We have a tech committee that takes care of everything for our events and they would like to know what they would have to do to become certified NTPA officials.


NTPA officials are certified thru a tech school system that has been the norm since the 1970's The potential officials have to attend school and pass a written test administered thru the SFI foundation in California. They then have to "apprentice" for a number of years of "teching" vehicles before they are approved to be "on track" flagmen.

All NTPA tech schools are open to anyone that wants to attend, however, NTPA does not grant a "Tech Licence" to anyone that is not endorsed by a NTPA affiliate member state or the NTPA itself.

Louisville Fuel


Hey Richwine, will you and or Mr. Zimmer be doing cages at Louisville?


Yes, both of will be there all week. call the tech line or stop in the Fuel Test room and we'll take care of it.

What the Hell are you doin?


Mr. Richwine,
I have a few questions that I guess nobody on the executive board has considered.
1. Have you and WPI lost your mind? Don't you know that you've done away with most of
your duty / job, are you gettin soft? I've heard that it's a "membership drive" for the pullers
out here in Region 3 but, what's gona keep the pullers from running any old clutch?
What are you gona do when it blows up? Which "Rocket Scientist" came up with this?
I know that all the "other" groups don't do it, but, now that nobody's checking them I feel that you've made a terrible mistake.
2. Same thing of Super Farm turbos and manifolds, are you guys so hard up for membership that you guys just rollover?
3. Again, what the hell are you doing? You quit checking fuel / water, dammit, the crybabies in Wis will really dump in the additives now.


I will answer (best I can) in the order ask.

1. It's not a membership drive, we're not getting soft....The NTPA rulebook requires that SFI clutch components be used, and SFI Blankets and Belhousings be used to contain the clutch / transmission parts. When a Puller buys a membership (Regular or Per Hook) they agree to run all the rules and regulations listed in the NTPA rulebook. Honestly even if we inspect the clutch assembly we have no "proof" that the puller went home and actually installed it in his vehicle. So, with that said the SFI containment is the only component that we can actually inspect at the event. BTW, the vehicle "inspection form" has been updated (long over due) to a more in depth inspection.

2. Turbo inspection for Super Farm has been discontinued so competitors can come back and forth between the different organizations.

3. Diesel / Bio Diesel Fuel won't be checked unless a protest has been filed and then it will be sent to a lab. The reason is many pullers want to run a blend of Diesel and Bio and there is no "in field" test that can test it when more than a 15% blend of Bio.

4. Water will be tested as in the past. The "No water test" thing was changed back to the 2014 rules about a week after it came out in September.

All good questions, thanks


New rules question


Hey Richwine, with all the new "rules" or lack thereof, I guess I can just come run
my SF without any more inspections than the guys out here in Missouri. Is that correct?


No, you still have to have a valid NTPA / SFI rollcage sticker and all the SFI equipment on like before.
The only difference for your Super Farm tractor than before is that the turbo doesn't have to be sealed now
and you no longer have your clutch inspected prior to running. You still have to have a SFI clutch assembly in
your tractor, and it has to be wrapped in a SFI 4.2 blanket.

Super Farm at NC State fair


Mr. Larry,
Can we run a MAP ring on our Super Farm turbo at the north Carolina State Fair? I saw in the rules that it's legal now.


No, not yet. Those rules take effect on January 1, 2015.

Diesel fuel


Larry, can I run sparkplugs in my LgtPro now that you don't have a standard for "Diesel Fuel"?  I mean what's to stop me from calling the clear liquid in my tank diesel, when it may be something else?

No, you can't have sparkplugs. The rule now will say Diesel or Bio-Diesel or a blend there of. If protested it would go to a lab and be subject to any/all testing to determine what was in it. As for a infield test the dielectric meter and or the Bio test equipment would read a (+) positive number for diesel or Bio and
a (-) number for gasoline or methanol.
Note: We listed the Dielectric numbers for Diesel starting in 1997. There is NO infield test that can determine what blend a Diesel/Bio is. The tests we had would only check for pure B-100 or Diesel, when the diesel was blended over 15% with Bio it would not pass the dielectric meter. That is the reason for discontinuing the Diesel/Bio testing. If we didn't outlaw Bio, and so many were blending it, then we stop testing.

Good question,


Map Ring

Question / Comment:

Hey Larry,
I see you have got all the "proposed 15 rules" posted. So, I see your suggesting that the
SF have a map Ring. How many times U gone beat that horse? We don't want that up here.
We have too much invested in the charger we got now.


That was put on the agenda by a Super Farm person, not me.


Question/ Comment:

Richwine, You need to grow some b_lls and do your job and crack down on Semi rules. I find it to be BS the way you protect the cheaters and let them contiue to pull. By the way have you notice how low the numbers are in some of the clases Maybe a little care about your "position" would help matters , a blind eye and deaf ears is what i see going on . Before I brought this to your atten I talked to a few pullers and they told me that this what would happen , that's why I'm pissed off no care about doing the right thing.


Dear D,

Normally I catch heck for doing my job TOO well and get accused of "picking" on somebody. It's refreshing to hear that you are unhappy for a new reason. While my "position" says Director of Tech Services, I'm only as bad or good as the people that work with me on the Tech Team. We attempt to treat everybody with equal and "common sense" while interpreting the rules consistently. Since I haven't satisfied your concerns in a matter that suits you, I have forwarded your concerns to the people that actually direct me in my decisions.

As to your comment that a blind eye and deaf ears is what you see going on before you brought this to my "atten" and the fact that you "talked to a few pullers" and they told you that this what would happen. I'm sorry you talked to those people, they are probably the people that normally feel "Picked on" I can assure you I do notice and take notes on all matters in my control. I will attempt to resolve your concerns.

In closing, thanks for your input. I'm glad someone has decided to replace the "Old Feller" in the Semi class. Please get my attention at the next event you attend and hopefully we can have a "chat" regarding your "position"


Super farm Detroit engine


Mr. Larry

I run the Super Farm class and I want to up grade my engine in my AC.
If I use the 40 Detriot engine can I change the head and get rid of the cast in head manifolds?


No, The rules for Super Farm, Ligt Pro and Limted Pro all say that you must use the OEM head
for the model / series engine. So, NO you cannot put the IH head on the Detroit engine.

TWD Cubic Inch Question

Question: Mr. Ricwine, I see in the Rule Book that it states: At all levels of TWD NTPA competition — a limit of 575 cu. in. and two valves per cylinder, does that have the plus one percent like the other classes? I don't want to be found illegal if protested or measured.

Answer: Yes that includes a plus or minus one percent, it is found in general rules and applies to all classes including TWD.

Exhibition run


Hello Larry Richwine,

 I am from WI I have built a unique tractor , I have six GS 1000 Suzuki engines at 100 hp a piece. I was wondering if I could pull a exhibition pull in Tomah in the Mini Rods class. I am 3400 hundred lbs with my body weight included. I pulled in Tomah a few years ago in the garden tractor class that they had. It was a great experience and I would really like to show off my new toy. I think it would be a big hit as it has been locally.  I built the tractor not to only meet but exceed the safety regulations; I am fully insured, and will pay any insurance fees that is involved in the pulling process. Thank you for your time.


Sounds pretty cool, however, the NTPA doesn't allow non-NTPA classed vehicles anymore at our events. As a result of a few problems/claims in years past our insurance no longer allows us to do this. With that said, there is no possible way to pull down the track at Tomah.

Pinetops, NC


Hey Richwine,
Will you or somebody be at Pinetops to do Cages?


Yes, I'll be there Friday and Saturday....I'll be doing Rollcage and Turbine inspections...

Pro Farm Tires


Can I run Radial Tires on my Pro Farm?? The other guys do.


No, the rulebook doesn't allow them in any Division

Catch Can Question


So, What the H_ll is the rule? Do I have to have this catch can crap or not? I'm so tired of you people making rules and then changing them later. Make up your mind Mr. Genius, do I have to have one or not?

Mr. H


Mr. Happy, long time no talk........No the catch can is not mandated (required) but, recomended. The excessive spill rule will be enforced and somebody will be even more upset as soon as we enforce the rule as written. If breakage is the reason that will be excused, but, there some pullers that have a "history" of greasing the track. If it were me, I'd put one on my vehicle and hope it works if I have a history of spilling oil or water.

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