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To order a NTPA rulebook, order online, call the NTPA office at 614-436-1761 or mail $6 plus $2 shipping and handling to WPI/NTPA, 6155-B Huntley Rd. Columbus, OH 43229. You may also order by e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with credit card info.

2014 Tech School Dates

Feb. 22nd, 9:00am
Wake Forest, NC
Wake Forest FD Training Center

April 5, 9:00am
NWOTPA Headquarters
Bowling Green, OH

April 6, 1:00pm
Singer's Shop
Greenville, OH

The following rules will take effect for the 2014 season:

General Rules/All Divisions:

  1.    Air operated kill switches are required to use air pressure to keep the switch in the "run" mode
  2.   Carbon fiber and/or aluminum driveshafts  are not allowed in any division

Diesel Super Stock

Steel billet and steel recast blocks allowed (no aluminum). The specifications for the block will be based on factory OEM specs of the block chosen to be replaced with a allowance for the 5/8 in deck plate and limited to 540 cubic inch. Note: Block to be considered legal must accept and swing a stock crankshaft with all dimensions i.e. overall height, width, length of block, crankshaft location, cam location, bore spacing, etc. must be same as OEM. Only difference is the 5/8 deck plate allowance.

Light Unlimited:

A maximum of two (2) supercharged or turbocharged (no naturally aspirated or turbines) piston engines at 6000 lbs. (These rules are locked in for a three year period)

TWD : (Note: these only apply to the TWD class)

  1. The use of electronic control devises for ignition timing. I.e. (MSD 8973, Power  Grid, Six Shooter). Is Not Allowed 
  2.  Any type of hydraulic or air devices to raise or lower the front of the chassis  Is Not Allowed
  3.  A limit of 4 wheels in contact with the ground.  (No gauge or assist wheels)

Light Pro St and Limited Pro St:

No Ice filled or Ice cooled devices onboard tractor of any kind. All engine air must enter the inlet of the turbo at ambient air temp and humidity. Inlet air may not be drawn thru or across any type of cooling device

Super farm: No changes

Heavy Unlimited: No changes

FWD: No changes

Semi Div:

Only OEM head allowed (billet head not allowed)

Regional Modified:

Allow water and alcohol injection for turbine engines.

Mini Rod

Blower limits at all levels

    1. 10-71 and larger superchargers limited to maximum 45% overdrive.
    2.  8-71 and smaller superchargers limited to maximum 65% overdrive.

Pro Stock Diesel Trucks

  1. 7800 lbs
  2.  Removed  the wording (The bed of the truck must have metal floor, If bed is gutted 200 lbs. of movable weight must be placed rearward of the centerline of the rear axle)
  3.  Maximum engine  460 cubic inches. Engines must come from factory in one ton or smaller Diesel Pickup truck
  4.     Allow recast block and heads with OEM spes. No billet blocks or heads
  5.     One turbo with one pressure stage permitted. Maximum of 3.0 opening on intake wheel. Map width enhancement is allowed not to exceed.250. Compressor wheel must protrude into 3.0 inch bore 1/8”, intake housing may not exceed 3.0 inches.

Pro farm:

  1.  Aluminum wheels are allowed.
  2.  Manifolds

a. OEM head and manifolds for same brand block and same series engine.

b. OEM intake and exhaust manifold assembly only. No spacers between manifold and head.

c. No altered or modified manifolds, i.e. tubing or box type manifolds.

d. No Intercoolers/Aftercoolers.

e. If a OEM intercooler manifold is used it must be disconnected from all cooling means

f. No CO2 or any other means of cooling the air in the piping or manifold.No Ice filled or Ice cooled devices onboard tractor of any kind. All engine air must enter the inlet of the turbo at ambient air temp and humidity. Inlet air may not be drawn thru or across any type of cooling device.



Tech Questions and Answers

Test equipment


Hey Richwine,

Can I borrow or rent the fuel/water/sniffer equipment to take home or to Dyno and set my engine to the Max? I would be happy to pay to use the equipment.


No, NTPA doesn't allow any use of our equipment other than by approved/trained NTPA licensed officials do to equipment sensitivity and libiablty and cost.
 You can contact the officials in your area and ask them to check samples for you in their spare time if they will. If not you can label them like A,B,C, or 1,2,3. (at least 1 pint in volume) and send them to me and I will check them for you at no cost in my spare time. I don't care what blend they and don't need to know. I can call or email you the findings in my spare time.  I've tested well over a hundred samples for pullers since the end of the 2013 season and would be happy to check yours in my spare time......
I'm sure you understand how risky it would be to start shipping/passing the tester around....A few of the engine builders have bought their own maybe you could borrow theirs. Remember the only sample or test that counts is the one done with NTPA's equipment at the event. If someone else's equipment read differently it wouldn't matter. If a puller wished to contest NTPA results the sample would be sent to a Lab at NTPA discression and at the cost of the puller. FYI the last sample I sent to the lab was well over $600.00 per sample and NTPA wouldn't send less than two samples to sure the sample was tested properly.

Super farm Detroit engine


Mr. Larry

I run the Super Farm class and I want to up grade my engine in my AC.
If I use the 40 Detriot engine can I change the head and get rid of the cast in head manifolds?


No, The rules for Super Farm, Ligt Pro and Limted Pro all say that you must use the OEM head
for the model / series engine. So, NO you cannot put the IH head on the Detroit engine.

TWD Cubic Inch Question

Question: Mr. Ricwine, I see in the Rule Book that it states: At all levels of TWD NTPA competition — a limit of 575 cu. in. and two valves per cylinder, does that have the plus one percent like the other classes? I don't want to be found illegal if protested or measured.

Answer: Yes that includes a plus or minus one percent, it is found in general rules and applies to all classes including TWD.

Exhibition run


Hello Larry Richwine,

 I am from WI I have built a unique tractor , I have six GS 1000 Suzuki engines at 100 hp a piece. I was wondering if I could pull a exhibition pull in Tomah in the Mini Rods class. I am 3400 hundred lbs with my body weight included. I pulled in Tomah a few years ago in the garden tractor class that they had. It was a great experience and I would really like to show off my new toy. I think it would be a big hit as it has been locally.  I built the tractor not to only meet but exceed the safety regulations; I am fully insured, and will pay any insurance fees that is involved in the pulling process. Thank you for your time.


Sounds pretty cool, however, the NTPA doesn't allow non-NTPA classed vehicles anymore at our events. As a result of a few problems/claims in years past our insurance no longer allows us to do this. With that said, there is no possible way to pull down the track at Tomah.

Pro Farm Tires


Can I run Radial Tires on my Pro Farm?? The other guys do.


No, the rulebook doesn't allow them in any Division

NC State Fair


Richwine will anybody be at the NC state fair to inspect Rollcages???


Yes, I'll be there with the scoreboard crew and will do rollcage inspection each day..

New Rules


Mr. Larry,
Will these "new rules" posted on the tech page be dissussed in the Dec meeting or are they LAW right now?
I want to know cause we are planning on comin to run the light unlimited if they are.


No they won't be "disscussed" in the December meetings. They are "law" and will take effect in the 2014 season. The rulebook revisions have already started for the 2014 year.
I hope you do come run the Light Unlimited class, I hope it grows because there is a market for the class and it can be a good show if it gets at least 6-8 pre-commit pullers.

Mr. Happy writes again.


Are you guys a Enormuos group of idots or what??
 I've been quiet since the Catch can debocal, but, now you are talking
about billiet blocks in the SS class.Have you lost your mind? that will only make it cost even more.
I swear, you and your croonies are idoiots.


Wow Mr. Happy. good to here from you. Those items were submitted from the pullers themselves.
Hope everything is good with you.


Catch Can Question


So, What the H_ll is the rule? Do I have to have this catch can crap or not? I'm so tired of you people making rules and then changing them later. Make up your mind Mr. Genius, do I have to have one or not?

Mr. H


Mr. Happy, long time no talk........No the catch can is not mandated (required) but, recomended. The excessive spill rule will be enforced and somebody will be even more upset as soon as we enforce the rule as written. If breakage is the reason that will be excused, but, there some pullers that have a "history" of greasing the track. If it were me, I'd put one on my vehicle and hope it works if I have a history of spilling oil or water.

What time does Tech and Entry open at BG?


What time does Tech and Entry open at BG?


Thursday, Aug 15 at 10am, regular tech and entry will open.
The Pre-committed vehicles will be teched at their haulers on Wednesday, Aug 14 from noon till 5:00pm, however, starting Thursday the Pre-committed will have to be towed thru the tech barn like everybody else.

Light Pro Stock or Limited Pro Stock at Bowling Green


Larry, can a light pro or limited pro enter the Pro St class at Bowling Green?
If not why? It’s still a Pro St isn’t it?


No, the Super Farm, Limited Pro and Light Pro tractors can’t enter the GN Pro St Class at BG.
The reason is due to the large number of vehicles NTPA enforces the rule listed on page 79 under Event Procedures letter B, number 10 which reads:
10. No mixing of classes

Light Unlimited


Hey Dumba_s,
When are you gona let the Lgt Unl be limited to two engines???


It will more than likely be limited to two engines in 2014, but the weight will probably be reduced.

Fuel Test


Richwine, wtf is goin on with fuel testing? These Wis guys are nuts....
They think they are GOD and know what there doin....


They DO, I trained them......They're the world's greatest dectives.

Can I run my Limited Pro stock tractor in the 10,000 Pro Stock class at Tomah? Yes or No, I heard both ways and I know the rulebook says at RN only. Which is it? Yes or No.

The rulebook states that Light Pro and Limited Pro cannot run in the 10,000 Pro class at GN level, you are correct. However, the promoter has the option of allowing them if the promoter desires. In the case of Tomah, they have many pullers from the area that have changed to either Light or Limited Pro, so, Tomah is going allow them to run in the 10,000 Pro Stock class.
NOTE: This is for the Tomah event only. The other GN or SN events the rules will apply.

Are the "STOP-FYRE' extinguishers legal for NTPA use?

Yes, but they still have to be at least 2.5 lb and have a gauge on them. The AKE Premium STOP-FYRE Unit is approved. 

Is it true that NTPA will no longer allow "stock classes" at the same event as the NTPA is? How can that happen?

In the past NTPA has allowed the promoter to list "stock classes" as additional insured classes and the NTPA officials had to inspect them as "stock" vehicles i.e. stock FWD trucks, semis, out of field tractors, etc. The "stock vehicles" paid a "per hook" type fee to NTPA and they were insured by K & K insurance.

As of January 1 2013 NTPA and K & K will no longer offer insurance and/or tech services for these type vehicles. The promoters will have to find their own insurance and tech/flag them on their own.

Any promoter can still have "stock classes" at their show either before or after the NTPA classes but, NTPA signage and officials cannot be on the track during the classes.




So whats up with the BS that I have to buy a new helmet? Snell 2000? Dammit I don/t need a NEW HELMET! I called and they don't even make a snell 2000 They said all they make is a 2010. What have you screwed up this tiome?


Dear Mr. Happy,

Good to hear from you, I thought you were back in the clinic. How's the shock treatments coming?

Now to answer your question, No, they don't make a snell 2000 anymore. That spec. means that you can wear a helmet that was made before 2005. You should watch garage sales and Craigslist for somebody's old helmet. I you don't want to buy a new one............

BTW, "If you have a $2.00 head then wear a $2.00 helmet"


Clutch can stamp


I am looking at getting my tractor re-ntpa certified to go south in the spring time. The sfi labels have come off my clutch cans. They are the same cans I have always had. I have the old ntpa inspection papers. They are "before" serial numbers that I now understand are on clutch cans. Will that suffice?


No, the SFI sticker has to be in place when the NTPA stamp is applied to the can. This will insure that "after" the sticker washes or wears off the can that the NTPA stamp will be in force.
If the can has already "lost" it's SFI sticker it can / will not be stamped with the NTPA stamp until it has re-inspected by the manufacture and re-certified as a SFI can.

Does my rollcage have to be painted or powder coated before you inspect it?

Yes, it must be mounted on the tractor and painted or powder coated before we inspect it. The inspector has to put the sticker in place themselves, we can't just hand them out. If we inspect it before you paint it, you'll have to paint around it.

How long is my rollcage certification good for? I can't find the expiration date anywhere.

The rollcage certification is good 5 years from the date of inspection. Check the sticker and / or paperwork for the date.

Sample valve


So, now I need a valve that you can get a sample from without the engine running?


NTPA  doesn't need the fuel testing staff to get hurt while sticking their arm in your engine compartment. So, yes, change your valve to be "safe" to operate.

expired blanket



How do I know when my tractor blanket expires? I can't find it in the rulebook.


The rulebook only refers to the SFI spec number, If you were to go to the SFI spec sheet you would find that all SFI 4.1 and 4.2 blankets expire 5 years from the date stamped on them.

Good question.


Louisville stuff


Hey Richwine,

Can I get my rollcage inspected while I'm at Louiebille??


Yes, stop by the Fuel Lab and one of us, Mr. Zimmer or I will take care of it........

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