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Items Submitted for Proposed 2015 Rulebook Changes

The following items have been submitted by Divisional Committee Members, NTPA Member States, and NTPA/WPI Board Members. These items below are only recommendations and/or suggestions, and have to be voted on by the WPI/NTPA Executive Boards. That process takes place at the upcoming WPI/NTPA Divisional Committee Meeting held over the Enderle Pull-Off weekend, slated for Sept. 14th.


In consideration to the pullers (particularly) Sunday events

(Mt. Vernon 7:00 pm and Zanesville 7:30 crazy) be scheduled at 5:00 pm. Most of us have to work for am living. Just because it’s always been that way, can we ask is there any reason we cannot change it? The regional schedules pay the least and cost the pullers the most. Competitor numbers seem down @ all levels and I think scheduling is the primary culprit. And maybe there should come a time when NTPA says NO to some events or tells promoter that another scheduled class is not available.


7500 LB Modified Regional level limits

(These rules apply to State and Regional events)

  1. Three (3) blown automotive engines with 8-71 superchargers at the overdrive limits Listed below or single staged turbocharger. No intercooler allowed, with port-fuel injection only.
  2. Wedge heads that will accept a stock OEM intake manifold bolt pattern limited to 70% overdrive.
  3. Three (3) blown automotive Wedge Billet (pressed material) Heads will run at 56% Overdrive Maximum.
  4. Big Chief, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, or any other wedge head without a stock OEM intake Manifold bolt pattern are limited to 40% maximum overdrive.
  5. Two (2) blown Hemi or Wedge automotive engines with 14-71 superchargers at 70% maximum overdrive or single staged turbocharger. No intercooler allowed.
  6. Three (3) naturally aspirated Hemi
  7. Four (4) naturally aspirated Big Block automotive engines
  8. Five (5) naturally aspirated Small Block automotive engines
  9. One (1) Allison engine with twin turbo or aux staged plus one naturally aspirated Automotive engine.
  10. One (1) Allison engine with single staged supercharger or turbocharger, injected or Carbureted, plus one automotive blown engine with a 8-71 blower limit.
  11. Two (2) Allison engine on gas, with a maximum of 8.8-1 supercharged ratio, or Two (2) Allison engine on alcohol, with a maximum of 8.1-1 with stock Allison 9.5 Inch blower wheel with water. Must use SFI spec 4.2 blower containment device. Butterfly area may be no larger than 28.4 square inches.
  12. One (1) industrial or marine engine twelve (12) cylinder limit. Diesel allowed Two (2) compression stages maximum.
  13. Two (2) Packards on gas or alcohol, with 6.5-1 supercharger. Stock Packard butterfly Must be utilized.
  14. Three (3) Ranger aircraft engines with a maximum of 800 cubic inches each, with single Stage centrifugal chargers on alcohol with fuel injection.
  15. (1) industrial or ag 6 cylinder on methanol with one big block chevy with 50% Overdrive limit or one hemi with 30% overdrive limit. Maximum 8-71 supercharger. (Overdrive limits to be 1 year test period).
  16. One (1) turbine or combination of NTPA recognized turbine engines not exceed a Maximum of 5050 total horsepower using the ratings as approved by NTPA Listed below.
    1. Water and alcohol may be added to any combination of turbine with 3750 or less Horsepower.
    2. Water only may be added to any combination of turbine above 3750 horsepower With a maximum 5050 total horsepower.
    3. All automotive engines may run a maximum of two (2) valves per cylinder and are limited To one (1) spark plug per cylinder on state and regional level.
    4. One (1) hemi or wedge automotive with 14-71 supercharger.

Note: Any tractor other than the combinations of engines listed above for the 7500 lb Modified class must obtain approval from NTPA Tech Service.

NOTE: You may carry more engines than the maximum number allowed in the 7500 lb Modified class as ballast, but must disable extra engine’s position. Same engine’s position Must remain disabled for that reason.

NOTE: regional and national level limits require, if automotive engines are used. Al least two (2) engines be onboard and running to compete in the 7500 lb class. Except if you have one blown engine with a 14-71 supercharger.

All Overdrives limit will be reviewed after one (1) year.

All rules in the 7500 lb Class will be up for review and possible change.

Rules above could be add to or change at the meeting.

NTPA board to please reconsider allowing three (3) naturally aspirated engine in the 6,000 lb Unlimited Class.

7500 lb Modified Regional:

All Sleds to add weight to the pan for Regional Modified class.

FWD Truck submission:

In talking with various pullers and board members regarding the Grand National Pre-commit money, it was brought to my attention that we as pullers are not paid in the event of a rainout. I feel that this is an item that needs to be addressed. We as pullers signed a contract stating that we would attend each pull just as a sled operator signs a contract stating that they will be at a pull. In the case of a rainout, a sled operator still receives payment while pullers only receive rain points. While rain points do help during a season, they do not help towards the cost of travel and commitment to the circuit. I would like to ask that the topic of pre-commitment payments at rainout events be added to the agenda for the upcoming board meeting.

Super Stock:

Raise weight of the GN SSTD class to 8,300 # to match RN wt.

Change Points Structure if breakage occurs that vehicle/vehicles that broke get last place points or split last place points if more than 1 broke, this is for all divisions

2015 Rule Change / Problem issues:

  1. Any alcohol vehicle Firesuit must be a 5 layer suit. SFI 3.2A-5
    1. No fuel tanks in or near driver compartments or area / No fuel to be able to get on a driver in case of rupture/split/etc.
    2. We need a way to be able to add 5-10 ft. to end of track in large (20-25 plus entry) classes to keep a large pull-off from occurring exp. Bowling Green Pro Stock / 5 ft. would have eliminated 1/2 to 2/3 of pulloff.
  1. At large events the drop of six for test puller need to be more spots and make it so the immediate return is something not allowed Reason/ At Tomah or B.G. it’s too hard to get 1st puller back into the lineup when he wants to return right away, especially when they have to be towed so far to get back into pit/staging areas.
  3. Address possibility of Firesuit Life span either by NTPA date tagging & recording or MFG helping by dating suits.
  5. Not allow Bio-Diesel in any Division of NTPA competition.

Reason: Too hard to police & makes a mess on paint & clothing. Diesel can at least be policed.


As a pre-commited semi class there are a few changes made for the 2015 pulling season. As a class we talked about a few hooks that we will not be attending as a grand national points hooks. They are as follows: Wadena, MN, Saluda SC, and Spencer IA. We feel these pulls will be better set as Inv. Hooks.

In the 2014 season the semi class was booked for a total of 23 grand national points hooks plus the Enderle. As a class we would like to see a cap of no more than 20 points hooks.

Due to other organizations paying their competitors rain out money we would like to see a $250.00 payout for all rained out events once competitor is on the grounds.

As a class we would like a 15% purse raise for all Grand National and Super National events due to not seeing a raise in 5t years. With a 15% purse raise this would give an average raise per event of $900.00. Also a raise in pre-commitment money to

$250.00 per hook for showing up on the grounds.

Super Farms:

Allow a slotted turbo at all levels

All Divisions:

Make vented catch can/puke tank mandatory for all vehicles for crankcase blowby and/or fuel tank venting.

Realign Region 2 into two regions:

R2:    Michigan, Indiana, Illinois

R7(?) Ohio, Pennsylvania

Allow use of ballistic blanket on turbo chargers, in place of.060 metal shroud, Blanket to be equivalent to SFI 4.1 (aV50BL(p) of 1125 (343mps)

Enforce P37 IV N. #9 Note: Helmet face shield must be down during competition run. (All divisions)

Designate a generic location on each vehicle for fire extinguisher placement OR require the support vehicle to have one.

Require fire extinguishers placed at 100, 200, 300 and 320 foot markers at every NTPA Sanctioned event.

Enforce a 2 foot buffer zone around scales.

When vehicle’s DQ for OB, last place points and purse.

Page 62 XII Sec, G #4, change to minimum 5/8” inch diameter pin and #3 to 5/8’ minimum cross section width.

Page 36 IV Sec. N #8 all protective clothing’s change SFI 3.2A-1 to SFI 3.2A-5 with recommendation for 3.3 underwear.

Require all supercharger cases be enclosed with an SFI 14.2 restraint bag.

General Submission:

Some suggestions are listed below on how to keep class numbers up on the Grand National circuit:

Please consider increasing the Pre-Commitment money to keep and hold the class participation. One recommendation is $500 for a single hook and $750 for a double hook. The promoter should pay half of the price above and WPI the other half. WPI really needs to guarantee that classes will be fill for the promoters and fans, while encouraging the pullers to give their valuable time, chase points and continue the circuit. Some ideas of how WPI can pay this out are: end-of-year point money (Not CaseIH money) pull-off money and membership fees.

Regarding the pre-Commitment Program, please do not drop this. Many promoters will most surely not book without a guarantee of tractors, for concerns of being many miles away from the hub or an end of season date. It may be a good idea to make a monetary deposit requirement from pullers to pre-commit, with this deposit paid back at end of season with bonus for attending all events scheduled.


Pro Stock submission:

General Rules:
In rain situations, make sure at GN level that all point tractors get to run in order to salvage points race. If all of the point tractors have run in the class, points will be given even if the entire class (RN and per hook entries) have not run.


On Pro Stock Tractors, those competitors using airbags or air suspension must have them deflated before going over drawbar pad. (If we can’t enforce it, outlaw them altogether like TWDs did).

Purse or precommitment money increased at GN level. Intent – to keep interest with rising parts and travel costs.


Rule Clarification for Semi rules, 2014 NTPA rulebook, page 78, letter G.


The question of Semi tire dimensions was raised as to what the limits really are, the NTPA Tech Department has reached the following decision:


The numbers listed in the Semi Rules of the 2014 NTPA rulebook for tire sizes refer to the industry standards for commercial tire sizes. The 11 X 24.5 X 8.25 refers to 11 inches maximum width in the cross section of the tire (widest point) of the tire, 24.5 inches wheel diameter and 8.25 inch rim width.
The 8.25 does not refer to the tread width.


The NTPA tech department has referred this to the semi divisional committee for recommendations whether or not they wish to set a maximum tread width. The joint Executive boards of WPI/NTPA will review and make any changes in the September meetings for the 2015 season.


The Region 2 and HSTPA event in Logansport, IN for July 7th has been canceled. According to NTPA rules since the event wasn’t cancelled 8hrs prior to the start time. The Entry trailer will be there till 7:30 pm in order to record who showed up to register for rain points.

Reminder the NTPA rulebook reads:

Page 80 #4 reads:

4. Vehicle must be present on the ground in running order and ready to compete before being allowed to enter.

Page 87, #7-8 apply

7. If a session is cancelled more than 24 hours prior to start time at GN/SN or 8 hours at RN/state level, no points will be given for that session.
8. If a session is cancelled prior to start time, competitors will receive refund of paid entry fees, but no other compensation.

With that being said, If you’re not at the event, you have to take your pulling vehicle with you to the event site before starting time in order to register and receive rain points.

Dave Whelan and Brad Hart’s Disqualification at Fairlea, WV has been overturned.


The fuel taken from Dave Whelan NTPA # 1441 and Brad Hart #2940 vehicles at Fairlea, WV that failed the infield tests were tested at a laboratory at a wide range of temperatures up to 100 degrees F. Using temperature correction factors both parties samples tested at the maximum limit of specific gravity at most temperatures. The test range for B100 is 27.5 to 28.9. Based on lab test results of the samples, they are right at the maximum limits. With that being said, NTPA Tech has decided it was/is possible that the samples in question could be read either way above or below the maximum specific gravity limit during infield testing.


With that being said, both parties will be reinstated to good standing with the NTPA and will receive their purse monies and any points that may apply for Fairlea, WV.


The following rules will take effect for the 2014 season:

General Rules/All Divisions:

  1.    Air operated kill switches are required to use air pressure to keep the switch in the "run" mode
  2.   Carbon fiber and/or aluminum driveshafts  are not allowed in any division

Diesel Super Stock

Steel billet and steel recast blocks allowed (no aluminum). The specifications for the block will be based on factory OEM specs of the block chosen to be replaced with a allowance for the 5/8 in deck plate and limited to 540 cubic inch. Note: Block to be considered legal must accept and swing a stock crankshaft with all dimensions i.e. overall height, width, length of block, crankshaft location, cam location, bore spacing, etc. must be same as OEM. Only difference is the 5/8 deck plate allowance.

Light Unlimited:

A maximum of two (2) supercharged or turbocharged (no naturally aspirated or turbines) piston engines at 6000 lbs. (These rules are locked in for a three year period)

TWD : (Note: these only apply to the TWD class)

  1. The use of electronic control devises for ignition timing. I.e. (MSD 8973, Power  Grid, Six Shooter). Is Not Allowed 
  2.  Any type of hydraulic or air devices to raise or lower the front of the chassis  Is Not Allowed
  3.  A limit of 4 wheels in contact with the ground.  (No gauge or assist wheels)

Light Pro St and Limited Pro St:

No Ice filled or Ice cooled devices onboard tractor of any kind. All engine air must enter the inlet of the turbo at ambient air temp and humidity. Inlet air may not be drawn thru or across any type of cooling device

Super farm: No changes

Heavy Unlimited: No changes

FWD: No changes

Semi Div:

Only OEM head allowed (billet head not allowed)

Regional Modified:

Allow water and alcohol injection for turbine engines.

Mini Rod

Blower limits at all levels

    1. 10-71 and larger superchargers limited to maximum 45% overdrive.
    2.  8-71 and smaller superchargers limited to maximum 65% overdrive.

Pro Stock Diesel Trucks

  1. 7800 lbs
  2.  Removed  the wording (The bed of the truck must have metal floor, If bed is gutted 200 lbs. of movable weight must be placed rearward of the centerline of the rear axle)
  3.  Maximum engine  460 cubic inches. Engines must come from factory in one ton or smaller Diesel Pickup truck
  4.     Allow recast block and heads with OEM spes. No billet blocks or heads
  5.     One turbo with one pressure stage permitted. Maximum of 3.0 opening on intake wheel. Map width enhancement is allowed not to exceed.250. Compressor wheel must protrude into 3.0 inch bore 1/8”, intake housing may not exceed 3.0 inches.

Pro farm:

  1.  Aluminum wheels are allowed.
  2.  Manifolds

a. OEM head and manifolds for same brand block and same series engine.

b. OEM intake and exhaust manifold assembly only. No spacers between manifold and head.

c. No altered or modified manifolds, i.e. tubing or box type manifolds.

d. No Intercoolers/Aftercoolers.

e. If a OEM intercooler manifold is used it must be disconnected from all cooling means

f. No CO2 or any other means of cooling the air in the piping or manifold.No Ice filled or Ice cooled devices onboard tractor of any kind. All engine air must enter the inlet of the turbo at ambient air temp and humidity. Inlet air may not be drawn thru or across any type of cooling device.



Tech Questions and Answers

Bowking Green Tech


Mr. Richwine,

When and/or what is tech at Bowling Green?


Rollcage inspection and Pre Commit puller tech inspection will be available at the hauler Wednesday Aug 13 from 1-6pm at Bowling Green, OH...
The regular tech barn and entry will be open on Thursday Aug 14 from 10am-6pm


Question/ Comment:

Richwine, You need to grow some b_lls and do your job and crack down on Semi rules. I find it to be BS the way you protect the cheaters and let them contiue to pull. By the way have you notice how low the numbers are in some of the clases Maybe a little care about your "position" would help matters , a blind eye and deaf ears is what i see going on . Before I brought this to your atten I talked to a few pullers and they told me that this what would happen , that's why I'm pissed off no care about doing the right thing.


Dear D,

Normally I catch heck for doing my job TOO well and get accused of "picking" on somebody. It's refreshing to hear that you are unhappy for a new reason. While my "position" says Director of Tech Services, I'm only as bad or good as the people that work with me on the Tech Team. We attempt to treat everybody with equal and "common sense" while interpreting the rules consistently. Since I haven't satisfied your concerns in a matter that suits you, I have forwarded your concerns to the people that actually direct me in my decisions.

As to your comment that a blind eye and deaf ears is what you see going on before you brought this to my "atten" and the fact that you "talked to a few pullers" and they told you that this what would happen. I'm sorry you talked to those people, they are probably the people that normally feel "Picked on" I can assure you I do notice and take notes on all matters in my control. I will attempt to resolve your concerns.

In closing, thanks for your input. I'm glad someone has decided to replace the "Old Feller" in the Semi class. Please get my attention at the next event you attend and hopefully we can have a "chat" regarding your "position"


Mr. Grumpy Pants

Question/ Comment:

Hey Richwine,
What the H_ll have you told the officials/Dumba_sses up here in Wis. To do? Picking on fuel and water wasn't enough? Now they are picking on drawbar angles?? They don't have enough to bother us with? My God, we just want to pull and be left alone. They aren't very smart if they have to look for something different all the time. We just need to run where we are wanted and left alone.


Dear "Grumpy Pants"
The officials in Wis, are smarter than you give them credit. I wouldn't be surprised if they use "plum bobs" and check wheelbase, overall length and the dreaded....."Point of hook to center of the axle" distance. Given your dislike for these inspections I feel sure that you need to clean up your vehicle to meet the rules. I'm proud of the effort at the "state level" of these officials to do their job. The majority of your class and other classes are pleased that somebody is checking to insure that everybody is on the same level of rules. The fact that you are again are "upset" tells me that you in fact have something to hide and do probably need to either get your "stuff" legal or do as you continue to threaten and "move on" to a group that you will feel more "left alone" as you seem to desire..Feel free to give me a forwarding address for your future letters of graditude.....

Mr. Happy's worried


Hey Richwine,

What's this BS that you and your croonies are Pi-sin them off in Wis now? I know that
I haven't writen for a while but, I guess the Wis boys are your project now. Geezz, Will it ever end?


Dear Mr. Happy, You're still at the TOP of my lists of favorites. The Wis Boys are just
learning about rules questions. You'll always be the most popular of all the PEOPLE that
are job security for me.

WTPA pulls


OK, I get it I must have struck a nerve when I said we wanted to get rid of the officials
that had picked on us with this fuel, water thing. But then I hear you showed up at one
of our WTPA events? What the heck? you come to flex your muscales? I personnally thing
that you and the officials just try to be a bunch of d-cks. Leave us alone and let us have fun pullin. This is BS


Wow, I think the WTPA officials and I are the ones that have struck a nerve......
I'm glad that it seems to bother you alittle when they or I show up, that means that we're all
doin our job.  As for why I came to the WTPA event? Several points come to mind.
1. Do my job as Head of Event Operations and Tech Services at all levels
2. Show support for NTPA Tech program and it's officials at all levels
3. Make sure they and YOU are doing your job correctly. Did you know that it's
YOUR responsibilty to be legal not OUR job? Buy joining NTPA and entering our
events you agree to bring a legal entry to the track.
BTW, I was at a WTPA event last year also. I try to make state events whenever possible

Water and fuel in Wis..........

Question / Comment:

Hey Smart A-ss,

The officials here in Wis are terrible. They won't leave this fuel and water thing alone.
I told one of them that I was going to go to the WTPA board and get them to BACK OFF or be fired.
They act all POLITE and Sh-t but, you can tell that they are just pickin on us. They said that if the WTPA
was to fire them that YOU SAID that they would still work at Regional events and the BIG DEAL in Monroe Co.
What I want to know is WHO the hell do you think you are to tell them to pick on us? it's real clear that the
WTPA isn't behind this it has to be YOU.  Leave us alone. It's pretty clear that they are just PICKING on US!


Well, I haven't told anybody to PICK on anybody. I assume that your talking about the two or three officials
that have been trained to do fuel and water testing in Wis. So, lets be honest, if they wern't doing a GOOD JOB
of their duties you wouldn't be SO ANGRY. That's ashame and great at the same time. I doubt if WTPA would fire
them for doing their job because the WTPA, being a state affiliate of NTPA has agreed to follow all NTPA rules
and regulations. I also know the fine folks of that club and the general population of pulling would rather
be "bothered" by doing fuel / water samples rather than be "bothered" by somebody beating them on the
track because that same somebody didn't want to work as hard as they did to be a winner by just "dumping it in" the tank.
I hope you do continue to be "bothered" by them doing their job.
As a matter of fact, if you don't mind, please come by the entry trailer and ask for me and tell me to my face
how "BAD" your being treated. It's ashane that you don't have the guts to sign the email, but, if it makes a difference,
I already know who / what you are............you SIR, are "Job Security" for me and the officials across the USA.

Best Regards,

Larry Richwine
Director NTPA Tech Services

BTW, I see you at Tomah....

Super Farm Class at WV


Hey Richwine,

Is it true that 2 Super Farm guys got DQed in West Virgirna?
What the H-LL doe DV mean on the results page of the site?

You dam Tech guys are starting the season off as real but holes arent you?


Mr. Happy,

Good to hear from you. Too bad that the tech men are doing their job "right out of the box" isn't it?
And I'm not sure what "DV" means but, I assume that it's Mr. Dunlap's speak for Diesel Violation. However,
it was Bio Diesel Violation on both Super Farm tractors. As luck would have it, Yes, it does look bad that the
very first event the Super Farm guys are caught with bad fuel. Now those two tractors are on the bubble for
the entire rest of the season. If they are caught again during the 2014 season they will be kicked out of NTPA
for 5 years and 10 days. Geezz, that wold be worrisome to say the least.

BTW, I wasn't enev there, I was home transfering stuff from Trailer to Trailer getting ready to head out.

Test equipment


Hey Richwine,

Can I borrow or rent the fuel/water/sniffer equipment to take home or to Dyno and set my engine to the Max? I would be happy to pay to use the equipment.


No, NTPA doesn't allow any use of our equipment other than by approved/trained NTPA licensed officials do to equipment sensitivity and libiablty and cost.
 You can contact the officials in your area and ask them to check samples for you in their spare time if they will. If not you can label them like A,B,C, or 1,2,3. (at least 1 pint in volume) and send them to me and I will check them for you at no cost in my spare time. I don't care what blend they and don't need to know. I can call or email you the findings in my spare time.  I've tested well over a hundred samples for pullers since the end of the 2013 season and would be happy to check yours in my spare time......
I'm sure you understand how risky it would be to start shipping/passing the tester around....A few of the engine builders have bought their own maybe you could borrow theirs. Remember the only sample or test that counts is the one done with NTPA's equipment at the event. If someone else's equipment read differently it wouldn't matter. If a puller wished to contest NTPA results the sample would be sent to a Lab at NTPA discression and at the cost of the puller. FYI the last sample I sent to the lab was well over $600.00 per sample and NTPA wouldn't send less than two samples to sure the sample was tested properly.

Super farm Detroit engine


Mr. Larry

I run the Super Farm class and I want to up grade my engine in my AC.
If I use the 40 Detriot engine can I change the head and get rid of the cast in head manifolds?


No, The rules for Super Farm, Ligt Pro and Limted Pro all say that you must use the OEM head
for the model / series engine. So, NO you cannot put the IH head on the Detroit engine.

TWD Cubic Inch Question

Question: Mr. Ricwine, I see in the Rule Book that it states: At all levels of TWD NTPA competition — a limit of 575 cu. in. and two valves per cylinder, does that have the plus one percent like the other classes? I don't want to be found illegal if protested or measured.

Answer: Yes that includes a plus or minus one percent, it is found in general rules and applies to all classes including TWD.

Exhibition run


Hello Larry Richwine,

 I am from WI I have built a unique tractor , I have six GS 1000 Suzuki engines at 100 hp a piece. I was wondering if I could pull a exhibition pull in Tomah in the Mini Rods class. I am 3400 hundred lbs with my body weight included. I pulled in Tomah a few years ago in the garden tractor class that they had. It was a great experience and I would really like to show off my new toy. I think it would be a big hit as it has been locally.  I built the tractor not to only meet but exceed the safety regulations; I am fully insured, and will pay any insurance fees that is involved in the pulling process. Thank you for your time.


Sounds pretty cool, however, the NTPA doesn't allow non-NTPA classed vehicles anymore at our events. As a result of a few problems/claims in years past our insurance no longer allows us to do this. With that said, there is no possible way to pull down the track at Tomah.

Pinetops, NC


Hey Richwine,
Will you or somebody be at Pinetops to do Cages?


Yes, I'll be there Friday and Saturday....I'll be doing Rollcage and Turbine inspections...

Pro Farm Tires


Can I run Radial Tires on my Pro Farm?? The other guys do.


No, the rulebook doesn't allow them in any Division

Catch Can Question


So, What the H_ll is the rule? Do I have to have this catch can crap or not? I'm so tired of you people making rules and then changing them later. Make up your mind Mr. Genius, do I have to have one or not?

Mr. H


Mr. Happy, long time no talk........No the catch can is not mandated (required) but, recomended. The excessive spill rule will be enforced and somebody will be even more upset as soon as we enforce the rule as written. If breakage is the reason that will be excused, but, there some pullers that have a "history" of greasing the track. If it were me, I'd put one on my vehicle and hope it works if I have a history of spilling oil or water.

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