NTPA to Roll Over Unused Portions of Memberships to 2021

Worthington, Ohio---By vote of the Executive Board of World Pulling International, the holding company of the National Tractor Pullers Association, competitors who purchased 2020 driver licenses and/or 2020 vehicle registrations will be presented with options regarding how those funds will be directed. The move comes in the midst of a Championship Pulling season that has been dramatically shortened by the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic.

Association members are encouraged to choose the option from among those below that best suits their personal circumstance and their intention to run in what remains of 2020. (For the purposes of discussing the options below, a "hook" refers to any single appearance of a driver or vehicle in which the driver is insured by the policy that is in force due to NTPA or NTPA member state sanctioning, promotion, or other agreement.)

Option A: Partial Rollover of Fees Toward 2021 License/Registration

A competitor who elects to make at least one hook in 2020 may, for each hook left unused up to a maximum of six, apply one sixth (1/6) of the total of fees paid for their 2020 driver/vehicle combination toward the purchase of a 2021 license and/or registration.

Example: Jane Jones paid the middle rates for a Competition License ($470) and a Grand National Registration ($591) and made four hooks. That left two hooks of her six allotted hooks unused, and so Jane will be able to apply two sixths (2/6) of the $1061 total, or $354, toward her 2021 fees.

  • Note 1: A competitor who makes six or more hooks will owe no further membership fees in 2020 but will be entitled to no 2021 rollover amount.
  • Note 2: A competitor who chooses Option A may earn points toward year-end point fund amounts that will be awarded to top finishers in qualifying divisions. No national championships will be awarded in 2020.

Option B: Total Rollover of Fees Toward 2021 License/Registration

A competitor who elects to make zero hooks in 2020 may apply all driver license and vehicle registration fees toward the purchase of a 2021 license and/or registration.

Example: John Smith paid the early rates for a Competition License ($409) and a Regional National/Member State Registration ($240). If John makes zero hooks, John will be able to apply the total, $649, toward his 2021 fees.

Option C: Partial Refund of 2020 Fees

A competitor who elects to make zero hooks in 2020 may request a refund of 2020 driver license and vehicle registration fees paid less a 25-percent production fee that will fund the continued operation of the NTPA office.

Example: Jim Johnson paid the late rates for a Competition License ($515) and a Regional National/Member State Registration ($315). If Jim makes zero hooks and requests a refund, Jim will receive payment in the amount of 75 percent of the $830 total, or $623, from the NTPA office.

Option D: Donation of Remaining 2020 Fees

A competitor who is entitled to the rollover or refund of any 2020 license or registration fees may choose to donate those fees to fund the continued operation of the NTPA office.

A competitor who chooses Option C: Partial Refund must notify the NTPA office in writing (by mail or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) on or before August 1, 2020. Refunds will be issued beginning November 1, 2020, after the conclusion of the NTPA season.

A competitor who chooses Option D: Donation must notify the NTPA office in writing (by mail or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) on or before November 1, 2020.
Competitors who have not notified the office of their intention to choose Option C on or before August 1 will assume to have selected Option A or B (where applicable) unless they later notify the office of their intention to choose Option D.

No 2020 NTPA Champions; Banquet Cancelled; Point Funds to Be Awarded

Worthington, Ohio---For the first time since 1971, there will be no champions of the National Tractor Pullers Association.

The decision was made by the Executive Board of World Pulling International, the parent company of the NTPA. The cost-cutting maneuver comes in response to the drastically curtailed 2020 schedule that has resulted from event cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic. All of the active NTPA-sanctioned circuits—Grand National and Regions II through V—are affected by the move. Reduced year-end point funds will still be awarded to qualifying divisions.
In a related action, the WPI Board voted to suspend the subregional split of 2020 Region II Light Pro Stock, Two Wheel Drive, Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 3.0, Modified Mini, and Modified circuits. These divisions will compete for a single fund apiece.

Also, the Board has acted to cancel the 2020 National Tractor Pullers Association Convention and Awards Banquet that was planned for Friday and Saturday, December 4-5 in Dublin, Ohio. It would have been the 49th consecutive year of the celebratory occasion.

At the time of this release, a Grand National schedule that originally included 159 class appearances across 13 divisions has been reduced to 38. Region II hooks have diminished from to 164 to 60, Region III from 58 to 11, and Region V from 12 to 2. (Region IV, with one or two hooks per division, would not have yielded a champion.)

Though standings will be maintained for the purpose of determining point fund awards, no champions or top finishers will be recognized as such in the Association’s official records. Competitor records for individual events that remain open-entry will be maintained.


Sandwich, Illinois Event Cancelled; On to '21

SandwichRestrictions on mass gatherings in the State of Illinois have compelled the Sandwich Fair to cancel its 2020 edition. An institution in north-central Illinois' DeKalb County, the Sandwich Fair's 133rd edition will be postponed until 2021 as fairs and festivals across the Prairie State continue to deal with limitations on grandstand capacities and spatial awareness guidelines in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Accordingly, the DeKalb County Fair NTPA Grand Nationals in Sandwich, Illinois have been cancelled. The three sessions that were set for Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening, September 10 and 12, will not be rescheduled

"Our friends in Illinois have had a particularly tough set of challenges as the greater Chicagoland area has been among the hardest hit," noted Gregg Randall, NTPA's General Manager. "If there had been any way to have Truck Night and Tractor Day like always, I know the Sandwich Fair track team would have made it happen. But this just wasn't their year, or ours."

Next year's dates for Sandwich Fair's GN are tentatively set for September 9 and 11. It is expected that in 2021 the DeKalb County event will once again be the finale of both the Region III and Grand National regular-season circuits.

"Those twin tracks will still be there, just waiting to put our national contenders to the test toward the end of next season," Randall surmised. "Our competitors will be more than up for the challenge, and we hope you'll come and watch."

Lynn, Indiana Event Cancelled

The Lynn Lions Club of Lynn, Indiana has announced the cancellation of its NTPA Regional National event that had been set for Saturday, September 12.

The status of the weekend's remaining activities at the club's pulling park, including antique, farm stock, and altered farm tractor and gas and diesel truck classes, remains undetermined at this time. Up-to-date info on these classes may be found on the club's Facebook page.

The tentative date for the 2021 NTPA event in Lynn is Saturday, September 11.

The following statement was released by the Lynn Lions Club on Facebook on June 29.

We have made the very difficult decision to NOT have our NTPA Region II pull this year. Money and a whole bunch of uncertainty ultimately led to our decision.

We hate it as a much as you may, but we ask that you respect our decision. We are STILL planning on having pulls however! Those details will be presented when they are finalized.

Rockwell's North Iowa Nationals August 6-8

Worthington, Ohio---Pursuant to meetings with local health officials, the Rockwell Lions Club has elected to postpone the North Iowa Nationals until Thursday through Saturday, August 6-8.

The rosters of classes that will appear at each session have yet to be finalized.

  • Session One: Thursday, August 6, 7 p.m. (Classes TBD)
  • Session Two: Friday, August 7, 7 p.m. (Classes TBD)
  • Session Three: Saturday, August 8, 1 p.m. (Classes TBD)
  • Session Four: Saturday, August 8, 7 p.m. (Classes TBD)

While social gatherings were once again broadly permitted in Iowa beginning June 1, ongoing distancing restrictions enacted by the office of Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds would have significantly reduced the capacity of the seating areas on the GN event's original dates, July 9-11. While by no means assured, it is hoped that many such restrictions will be eased---and remain eased---for the new August dates. Rules regarding protective and sanitary equipment will be enforced.

"The Rockwell Lions are determined to have the NTPA at Chamber Acres this year if there is any way to safely do it," said Gregg Randall, the Association's General Manager. "They're performing their due diligence and have impressed me with their steadfastness in the face of this unprecedented challenge."

Spectators will be admitted to the event, but due to social distancing guidelines, the facility's seating capacity will be capped. Fans will be directed to seating areas and required to remain in place for the duration of each session. Once advance ticket sales open to the public at the Lions' website, RockwellIALions.com, purchasing tickets online will be strongly encouraged. Those same guidelines may also require limits on the number of competitors.

Decisions regarding day-of-event ticket and campground sales and the presence of concessions and merchandise on the grounds are anticipated in the coming weeks.

"We have met with their local health officials, and both the Lions and the NTPA are going into this venture committed and clear-eyed," Randall concluded.

For updates on this and other potentially COVID-19-impacted events, visit NTPAPULL.com.

NTPA 2020 Pre-Entry Procedure

Worthington, Ohio---The National Tractor Pullers Association has developed a pre-entry procedure for nationally sanctioned events. The objective is to aid promoters in complying with social distancing measures that have been imposed on many of the municipalities, counties, and states in which reside NTPA event venues.

For events that invoke the pre-entry procedure, once the pre-entry window opens, competitors will pre-register online at NTPAPULL.com/preentry or by phone to the NTPA office at 614.436.1761 during business hours. (Initiating pre-entry online is strongly encouraged. Pre-entries conducted by phone must include driver and vehicle information and a callback or text number or email address.)

The earliest pre-entry window will open for Wilmington, Ohio's Clinton County Fair Nationals on Wednesday, July 1.

Applications received will elicit a response by the NTPA office inviting the applicant to call the office to confirm their intention to participate. Competitors who are entering 2020 registered vehicles will receive top priority for entry into same-level classes. That is, GN vehicles will be prioritized for GN classes, and RN/State vehicles will be prioritized for RN and State classes. (This is irrespective of the event level and dependent only upon the class level, which is specified in all printed and online national schedules. For the most up-to-date edition, visit NTPAPULL.com/schedule.)

Applicants with same-level vehicles will be contacted to confirm their registration and to complete their payment by credit or debit card or by check. (Electronic methods of payment are preferred.) Applicants with other-level or unregistered vehicles will be placed on a waiting list in order of application. If it is determined that entry positions are available once pre-entry closes on the deadline specified on the Pre-Entry page (NTPAPULL.com/preentry), waiting-list applicants will be contacted to confirm their registration and to complete their payment.

In addition to class entry fees, any per-hook driver license fees are due at the time of confirmation. Additionally, if an inspection is required for 2020 rollcage (re)certification, that amount must be paid and an inspection scheduled for the day of the event. (Note: Rollcage inspections are not available at all events. See the Tech page at NTPAPULL.com for a list of events at which an inspector will be present.)

For pre-entry events, entry will be closed and lineups published online at NTPAPULL.com/lineups at least one day before the event start time. Infield participant gates will be open for directed hauler parking during specified hours. The order of classes and staging instructions will be announced prior to each session's start time, and scaling, drawbar measurement, and other traffic will be tightly managed throughout the event to promote social distancing. No in-person driver meeting will be conducted, and purse checks will be mailed from the NTPA office after the event.

July 18 Wilmington, Ohio: Required Competitor Pre-Entry Now Open

Worthington, Ohio---The Clinton County Fair Board is proceeding with a public fair that will include grandstand attractions. Among these will be the Clinton County Fair NTPA Nationals on Saturday, July 18.

Competitors: PRE-ENTER HERE. Read below for details

After a nearly two-month delay to the start of the Association's regular season due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the five-class Regional National event will become the national opener when the first green flag waves at 6 p.m.

Organizers have announced that adequate sponsorship has been secured to pay the full Regional National purse for each competing division: Light Pro Stock Tractors, Two-Wheel-Drive and Stainless Diesel Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 3.0 Trucks, and Mini and multi-engine Modifieds. Moreover, placings by RN-licensed vehicles will count toward end-of-season Region II point fund awards.

Importantly for competitors who intend to participate at the NTPA pull in Wilmington is the requirement that they pre-register beginning Wednesday, July 1, either online at NTPAPULL.com/preentry or by phone to the NTPA office at 614.436.1761. Pre-entry involves two phases: (1) The competitor indicates their interest in participating, and then (2) The competitor is invited to contact the NTPA office by phone to confirm their registration and to complete payment of all fees. A complete description of the pre-entry procedure may be found here.

The pre-entry window for competitors to indicate their interest will open on Wednesday, July 1 and close on Monday, July 13. Event entry (registration and payment) will close at 3 p.m. on Friday, July 17, after which time lineups will be posted at NTPAPULL.com/lineups.

Pre-registered competitors will be welcomed at the infield gate of the Clinton County Fairgrounds between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. and directed to their assigned parking space. No on-site entry will be conducted, and competitors who have not completed their event registration through the NTPA office will not be permitted to compete.

Spectators will be expected to maintain spatial awareness and to seat themselves in groups of no more than 10 people and spaced at least 6' apart in all seating areas. Those interested in trackside seating are encouraged to bring their own chairs; trackside seating will also follow the above guidelines. The wearing of masks and gloves is encouraged but not required, and hand sanitizing stations will be provided in several locations around the fairgrounds.

Washington Court House, Ohio Event July 21

Worthington, Ohio---After consultation with local health officials and a reevaluation of the Fayette County Agricultural Society's ability to comply with COVID-19 guidelines, the NTPA-sanctioned truck and tractor pull originally scheduled for Washington Court House, Ohio on Tuesday, July 21 has been re-added to the Regional National schedule.

The event will begin at 7 p.m. and will include four divisions: Light Pro Stock Tractors, Two Wheel Drive and Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 3.0 Trucks, and multi-engine Modifieds. Placings by RN-licensed vehicles will count toward end-of-season Region II point fund awards.

The pull will be included among the grandstand attractions that will be permitted as part of the Fayette County Senior Fair. All applicable social distancing and hygiene guidelines will be followed both for spectators and participants.

Entry will be conducted in advance of the event via a link that will soon be posted at NTPAPULL.com. All licensed competitors are welcome to apply, but RN-registered vehicles will be prioritized.

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