Road to the Enderle 2019: Week 16 RN Traffic Report (Final)

RoadToEnderle webWorthington, Ohio---We're through counting down the hooks and counting up the qualifiers. But don't miss out on the main event: The 33rd Kent & Joan Enderle Memorial Pull-Off on Saturday, September 14 in Urbana, Ohio. Tickets are now on sale at (Latest GN Report)

RN Light Super Stock

  1. The two-hook series has ended, and Ryan Battrell piloted Jason Irvin's "Drunkin' Punkin'" to a sixth place in Lynn to win a tiebreaker over Jerry Yantes' "Spirit of Oliver."
  2. Alan Norby and "Red Thunder" finished off the race for the top berth with a third in Ridgeland on Labor Day Sunday. After sweeping Tomah earlier this year in GN action, the Mondovi Mafia will be looking for yet another hit at the Enderle.
  3. But they'll have another one of their Region III countrymen with whom to contend: Shipshewana winner Ken Witt and "Mr. Yuk" took the runner-up berth.

RN Heavy Super Stock

  1. A win in the NTPA's first appearance in Richwood was the clincher for Barry Eliker and his "Buckeye Bandit," which became the first alcohol-fueled Super to win Region II since Ed Johnson in 2014. It also became the first industrial yellow John Deere to win since...wait, it'll come to me..
  2. Robert Gansemer's "Ruttin' Deere" took second in Norwalk to hold off the Rachners to qualify for his sixth Enderle but first since 2012. Update: Gansemer has declined, and so Chris Rachner and the "Long-Haul Harvester" will represent their home region after their rookie campaign.
  3. By virtue of two perfect scores last October in Raleigh, Ronnie Strickland's "Another Outlaw" is already the invitee.
  4. Ken Witt and "Mr. Yuk" are in for a second appearance (also LSS) by virtue of a 59-point performance across Region V's two hooks.

RN Super Farm

  1. Findlay's finale was washed away by all-day storms, and that closed the book on the Capozzos' second straight qualifying season with "Cruel Intentions." After a slow start, the brothers finished with three wins, but all in Michigan. They'll be looking for a victory a little further south on September 14.
  2. It was a breakthrough season for the Caseys and their "Whoopie Maker," which made the Enderle on the strength of their first two national wins in Onaway and Hudsonville.
  3. Rod Deck took third in Ridgeland with "Dream On" to clinch his second regional title this season and third in the past two years.
  4. Chris Hales' "Outlaw" came back from a point down after 2018 Raleigh to top Daniel McDonald's "Bad Boy" in Benson for the Southeastern berth.
  5. Mike Wegner ended the season on the highest possible notes: Wins in Menomonie and Ridgeland have given his "Power Up," the Region III/V at-large qualifier, the greatest momentum heading to its biggest stage.

RN Light Pro Stock

  1. Tom Shafer's "Boss" has clinched its second-ever Enderle appearance. Only trouble is, Shafer is winless in his last five Eastern hooks. Maybe he's saving his setup for Urbana a second time, the site of his last victory. (He remembers we pull the opposite way from the fair, right?)
  2. Wes Spencer's "Bush Wacker" closed it out with a second and a sixth in Roanoke and Lynn. His six wins in the region made the final margin 36.5 points.
  3. Kevin Banion will get to pull in his hometown after traveling the world (well, OK, a good chunk of Ohio and Indiana) with "Forgiven" to win the Region II at-large berth.
  4. In its fourth season of regional national existence, the Light Pros have their fourth different champion. The Dorwins' "Young Bucks Reloaded" was never out of the top two in five appearances and will be the first Deere to represent its territory.
  5. Ron Beasley's "Farmall Fever" stayed smokin' hot from the State Fair to GALOT Park in winning the Region IV berth by five.

RN Limited Pro Stock

  1. After Travis Wisel's third and Garrett Boldry's fifth in Roanoke drew the leaders even once more, Wisel's "Irrational Behavior" sealed the deal with a win in Lynn.
  2. Roger Scalzo hung on late in Ridgeland with a sixth-place finish that was enough to edge the Ploetzes' "Big One" for Region III supremacy. Scalzo's "Bad to the Bone" thus takes the top berth from the region. Read on to see how the remaining Midwestern invitees were decided.
  3. It was Kent Enderle's unwavering philosophy to reward the competitors that run the most events. Hence, when Jeremy and Jarod Ploetz's "Big One" clinched both the Region III runner-up (in a tiebreaker over Kevin Lindstrom's "Hyper Harvester," 4-2 on wins) and Region V champion slots, it necessitated an at-large that combined the two regions' points.
  4. When the two regions are combined, it is Bill Figanbaum's "Instigator" that accumulated the greatest number of points---407---among those who had not already qualified for the Pull-off.

RN Two Wheel Drive

  1. In Old Washington. the Shephards and their "Alcohol Addiction Retapped" gained a point on Tom Eisman for the Eastern championship that will be settled next week in West Salem. But Eisman's still all smiles, because when Shephard also topped Brent Secrest to claim the Eastern invitation, it sent him to the Enderle as well. (Honorable mention to the Secrests and many friends for getting him to the Guernsey County track with a chance.)
  2. Brian Grifka's "Apple Pie Express" is the 2019 Western champion, having led the season from Arcola to Roanoke and lots of places chronologically, if not geographically, in-between. It'll be the first trip for the driver, but the ol' Studebaker might remember the way: When it was Ron Hoffman's "49'R," it made it to the Fort back in '05 and won it in Urbana with Bob Hoffman in '06.
  3. The Shephards had earlier clinched the top point position for the Region II at-large, and so we advanced the earner of the second-greatest number of points, Tom Eisman's "Whipper Snapper II."
  4. The race tightened by a couple points, but in the end, Dustin Amundson's "Bottoms Up" had it sewn up entering DeKalb County. Amundson will be making his third straight trip to Urbana during a three-year span that includes four regional titles.
  5. They did it: Jason Sullivan and Lavern Kelchen are your Region V representatives. Their "Cornburner" Dodge picked up third in a six-truck pull-off in Waverly to cap an impressive rookie campaign with top-threes in all four Iowa appearances.

RN Four Wheel Drive

  1. As promised, it shook out in Lynn Saturday. Jake Zaring's "Fatheadz Eyewear" clinched the top berth and qualified for the Pull-Off by, well, qualifying for the pull-off at Lions Park.
  2. Ike Zaring's fourth-place finish with "Bucket List" made him the region's second qualifier over both team truck "Rule #19" and Ron Newell's 'Temporary Insanity" (both -1 for the berth). The result? A father-son-father-son battle at the Enderle.
  3. After being the top point-earner to close out the Region III season in Sandwich, M.O. has mo-mentum. Michael O'Connor's "Nasty Boys" was never out of the top five in six competitive appearances and earned O'Connor his first Enderle invitation since 1996.
  4. When a series is contracted to two hooks, ties are not unusual. But how about one that features a second and a third by each of the contenders? Or one in which the final decision is made on distances whose totals were 1.075' apart? Looking at you, Region V, and your 2019 champion, David O'Connor's "Nasty Habit," which edged the Suchys' "Totally Geared" by just that margin after Monticello and Waverly.

RN Stainless Diesel Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 3.0

  1. Nick Stamm clinched his first subregional title, Region II East, with a victory over fellow contender Jeremy Straley by 37.8". "Frank" was already in the Enderle, but the result decided the at-large invitee as well.
  2. Jeff Hossler's "Flirtin' with Disaster" won seven times including five straight to end the season in a runaway. Though he's in the Enderle, Hossler hasn't technically clinched his second Western title, but he's up 17 on Stamm with only Allegan remaining.
  3. Garrett Loucks' "Un-Locked" advances by virtue of Stamm's top-point status for both berths A and C.

RN Modified Mini

  1. David Lacey's "Triple Play: Double or Nothing" is now assured of the Region II North berth after clinching in Hudsonville.
  2. "Double" also clinched the South berth in Canton, and that puts second-place team tractor "Triple Play Unchained" in as well.
  3. Hence, "Double" is also the preordained at-large invitee, and with "Unchained" second, the berth will go to third-place overall finisher Ken Bultemeier and "WAE Flip Side."
  4. It was, as promised, one for the one-run-and-done in Ridgeland. And Brian Guza's "Grandpa's Disaster" got'er done by breaking the three-way tie with a win. That's points pulling, guys: Take 'em all. Congrats.

RN Modified

  1. Tarry Feiss struggled in Roanoke for her first non-top-two finish of the entire season in Region II Northwest, but as soon as her six-win "Feissty Farmer" was assured of at least ninth place, she owned the berth.
  2. With a pull-off win, Todd Feiss finished off the race for the Southeastern berth with "S'no Farmer." The Mods' first such subregional title will be decided at Dragway 42, but his lead is a healthy 12 points.
  3. The fourth Region II Mod to advance (with Don Deane having already qualified from Carolina) is Ken Miller's "Corn & Soybean Special." It became official upon the conclusion of the Southeastern race Monday night.
  4. One hook at the Coors Light Shootout settled matters, and it's Corey Kielmeyer's "Double Trouble" who earned the right to represent Region III.
  5. Deane went to Raleigh and won twice last fall with his "Plumbers Nitemare" to become Region IV's delegate.

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