Worthington, Ohio---The National Tractor Pullers Association has developed a pre-entry procedure for nationally sanctioned events. The objective is to aid promoters in complying with social distancing measures that have been imposed on many of the municipalities, counties, and states in which reside NTPA event venues.

For events that invoke the pre-entry procedure, once the pre-entry window opens, competitors will pre-register online at NTPAPULL.com/preentry or by phone to the NTPA office at 614.436.1761 during business hours. (Initiating pre-entry online is strongly encouraged. Pre-entries conducted by phone must include driver and vehicle information and a callback or text number or email address.)

The earliest pre-entry window will open for Wilmington, Ohio's Clinton County Fair Nationals on Wednesday, July 1.

Applications received will elicit a response by the NTPA office inviting the applicant to call the office to confirm their intention to participate. Competitors who are entering 2020 registered vehicles will receive top priority for entry into same-level classes. That is, GN vehicles will be prioritized for GN classes, and RN/State vehicles will be prioritized for RN and State classes. (This is irrespective of the event level and dependent only upon the class level, which is specified in all printed and online national schedules. For the most up-to-date edition, visit NTPAPULL.com/schedule.)

Applicants with same-level vehicles will be contacted to confirm their registration and to complete their payment by credit or debit card or by check. (Electronic methods of payment are preferred.) Applicants with other-level or unregistered vehicles will be placed on a waiting list in order of application. If it is determined that entry positions are available once pre-entry closes on the deadline specified on the Pre-Entry page (NTPAPULL.com/preentry), waiting-list applicants will be contacted to confirm their registration and to complete their payment.

In addition to class entry fees, any per-hook driver license fees are due at the time of confirmation. Additionally, if an inspection is required for 2020 rollcage (re)certification, that amount must be paid and an inspection scheduled for the day of the event. (Note: Rollcage inspections are not available at all events. See the Tech page at NTPAPULL.com for a list of events at which an inspector will be present.)

For pre-entry events, entry will be closed and lineups published online at NTPAPULL.com/lineups at least one day before the event start time. Infield participant gates will be open for directed hauler parking during specified hours. The order of classes and staging instructions will be announced prior to each session's start time, and scaling, drawbar measurement, and other traffic will be tightly managed throughout the event to promote social distancing. No in-person driver meeting will be conducted, and purse checks will be mailed from the NTPA office after the event.

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