Budweiser Wisconsin Dairyland
NTPA Super Nationals
Recreation Park
Tomah, WI
Session 02:
June 26, 2009, 6:00 pm
6,200-lb. Light Super Stock Tractors
1. Mark Peissig Bomb FP/310.415
2. Alan Norby Red Thunder FP/301.470
3. Marcus Wettleson Gunpowder & Lead FP/290.580
Complete LSS:GN Results
2,050-lb. Open Modified Mini Tractors
1. Adam Bauer Iron Toy FP/314.994
2. Larry Koester Footloose FP/299.412
3. Adam Koester Double Play FP/298.191
Complete MINI:GN Results
6,200-lb. Modified Two-Wheel-Drive Trucks
1. Jessie Petro Buckeye Hauler FP/315.640
2. Jarrod Carey Destination Unknown FP/308.730
3. Randy Petro Kathy's Komplaint FP/306.105
Complete TWD:GN Results
20,000-lb. Super Semis
1. Larry Carey Dodge Fever FP/328.305
2. Jeremy Walker Double Down FP/328.184
3. J.R. Collins Buckeye Bulldog FP/321.491
Complete SEMI:GN Results
Session Summary
Number of Classes: 4
Number of Entries: 111 Number of Hooks: 126
First Green/Last Red:
6:59 pm / 12:02 am
Duration (All Tracks):
509 minutes
Pennzoil Cup
Budweiser Wisconsin Dairyland
NTPA Super Nationals