Budweiser Wisconsin Dairyland
NTPA Super Nationals
Recreation Park
Tomah, WI
Session 06:
June 28, 2009, 6:00 pm
8,000-lb. Diesel Super Stock Tractors
1. Brian Shramek Young Blood FP/312.570
2. Dennis Siefert Renegade Deere FP/275.275
3. Hans Boxler Jr. Special FP/BR
Complete SSD:GN Results
6,200-lb. Modified Four-Wheel-Drive Trucks
1. Daniel Bosch Midnight Raider FP/316.697
2. Pete McKeeth Jus' Rutt'n FP/003.700
3. Jamie Busch Thunder Struck FP/BR
Complete FWD:GN Results
10,000-lb. Pro Stock Tractors
1. Mark Lawyer Rapped Up! 292.365
2. Brian Shramek Git-Er-Dun Deere 289.355
3. Tim Cain Red Gambler 285.030
Complete PS:GN Results
20,000-lb. Super Semis
1. Larry Carey Dodge Fever FP/327.295
2. Ron Baron FP/306.190
3. Mark Haselby Squeekin Bye FP/306.045
Complete SEMI:GN Results
8,000-lb. Unlimited Modified Tractors
1. Bill Voreis American Thunder FP/326.534
2. Bob Jostock Wild Child FP/310.658
3. Ken Veney Funny Farmall FP/307.722
Complete UNL:GN Results
Session Summary
Number of Classes: 5
Number of Entries: 75 Number of Hooks: 73
First Green/Last Red:
7:01 pm / 11:09 pm
Duration (All Tracks):
308 minutes
Pennzoil Cup
Budweiser Wisconsin Dairyland
NTPA Super Nationals