Arcola National Truck & Tractor Pull
Session 02: July 9, 2022, 7:00 pm
Region II
Stainless Diesel 8,000-lb. Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 Trucks
1. Jordan Jackson Billet Steel and Sex Appeal 359.182
Connersville, IN Dodge
2. C.W. Cartmell Most Hated 358.465
Monticello, IN Dodge
3. Adam Hallien Wrecker 355.932
Ft. Wayne, IN Dodge
4. Erik Hucke Slightly Overworked 353.377
College Corner, OH Dodge
5. Jeff Hossler Flirtin' with Disaster 352.289
Columbia City, IN Dodge
6. Eric Widman Big Red 350.914
Republic, OH Dodge
7. Brian Shew Iron Maiden 349.948
Columbia City, IN Dodge
8. Garrett Loucks Wire-Fired 348.306
Elkhart, IN Chevrolet
9. Michael Carpenter Top Priority 347.689
Greenville, OH Ford
10. Marvin Gillfillan Diehard Duramax 347.053
Jenera, OH Chevrolet
11. Frank Kruger Smoke Show 345.399
Bailey, MI Dodge
12. Matt Loucks Night Howler 344.427
Elkhart, IN GMC
13. Jake Widman Under Pressure 343.655
Tiffin, OH Dodge
14. Joe Kupferschmid Turn the Page 050.109
Woodburn, IN Ford
15. Christian Koning Barn Find 000.000/BR
Belding, MI
16. Mike Burton Backwoods Evolution 000.000/SC
New Philadelphia, OH GMC

Arcola National Truck & Tractor Pull Session 02
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